6 Simple Recipes for Dinner in a Flash

by TT Editors | April 25th, 2016 | Main Dishes, Recipes

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Want a hearty dinner that requires few ingredients and little time? We have 6 that are sure to inspire.

First, we have a simplified version of a muffeletta, aptly dubbed as the mockaletta. With all of the flavor, it’s sure to please. Get the recipe here.

Second, who doesn’t enjoy a bowl of stew after a long day? How about a stew that requires only 4 ingredients? It takes an hour and a half to cook, but that’ll give you time to decompress (or do some laundry). Get the recipe here.

Third, here’s a recipe for meatloaf. However, it requires only 4 ingredients. No need to raid the spice pantry for this recipe, but it is still full of flavor. Get the recipe here.

Fourth is a delicious, simple, and homemade version of stroganoff. Don’t buy premade sauce or flavor packets. This easy recipe will convince you to stick with the from scratch version. Get the recipe here.

Fifth, this recipe has bacon. Need we say more? Oh yeah, it’s served with pasta. Get all your cravings in one dish with this dinner. Get the recipe here.

Sixth is a recipe that has all the flavorings of a homemade sauce without all of the effort. Give this delicious 4 ingredient entree a try! Get the recipe here.

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