4 Fun Ways to Wrap Your Snack

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 17th, 2020 | Recipe Collection, Recipes

Whether you want to use meat, pastry, or lavash, I have 4 fun ways to wrap your snack.

4 snacks made with different types of wraps

This week I have shared two recipes that involve appetizers with some sort of wrapping (Fig & Blue Cheese Pinwheels and Cheesy Cranberry Sauce Puffs). Both of those recipes use puff pastry as the wrapper. Looking through the archives I found four appetizer recipes, all of which involve wrapping, but only one of which uses puff pastry. Check out these four unique ways to make a wrapped snack.

Charcuterie Figs– Fresh figs are so delightful that I’m often tempted to eat them as is. When I want to dress them up a bit, I keep it simple. A little blue cheese and a bit of prosciutto, and you have an appetizer that it elegant and amazing.

Simple Sausage Rolls– I will start with the go-to wrap ingredient: puff pastry. Add some sausage and seasoning, and you have an appetizer that just needs a little bit of baking time. Then it’s time to enjoy a delicious snack!

Spinach Pinwheels– These wrapped snacks lean toward healthy, as the wrap ingredient is a piece of lavash. Depending on what you’re seeking, you can go light on the cheese and make it healthy, or you can add extra cheese because it’s a low carb, veggie-based snack.

Bacon Wrapped Butternut Squash– Step aside, puff pastry! It’s time for bacon to shine. Butternut squash, with its inherent sweetness, is a fine contrast to the saltiness of bacon. These are a perfect Sunday afternoon snack.

Pick your recipe of choice, and get a wrapped appetizer on your menu.

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