3 Fruit Filled Biscotti Recipes You Need to Try

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | February 5th, 2021 | Recipe Collection, Recipes
3 Fruit Filled Biscotti Recipes You Need to Try

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to wrap up fruit biscotti week at Think Tasty. Just because I have shared four recipes doesn’t mean the well is empty. No, not at all. Keep reading to discover three more fruit-centric biscotti recipes from the archives.

Spiced Date Biscotti

Have you ever eaten a cookie known as a hermit? My mom is a fan, so I’ve eaten a few. These biscotti taste like a crunchy version of a hermit. Give the recipe a try, and tell me if you agree.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Biscotti

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Rather than buy your someone special a box of chocolate covered cherries, why not make them their own batch of chocolate covered cherry biscotti?

Caramel Apple Biscotti

Do you enjoy caramel apples but wish they weren’t quite so sticky? These caramel apple biscotti are a great replacement. No mess and all the flavor and sweetness!

I have made and enjoyed all three of these recipes. So, really, any one would work for me on a lazy weekend afternoon. Paired with a cup of coffee it makes a quaint afternoon treat. If you want to be a bit more fancy, try pairing a biscotti with a glass of Cava. The dry, yeast notes and the effervescence of the Cava should balance the sweetness of these cookies quite nicely.

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