2 Easy Ways to Add a Kick to Dessert

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | March 27th, 2020 | Recipe Collection, Recipes

Two simple and delicious ways to create adults-only desserts or appetizers that feature sweet fruits infused with some 21+ ingredients.

Some days it’s fun to be an adult, other days it’s more of a chore. Let’s make today one of those days where it’s extra fun to be a grownup! Try one of these two easy and delectable dessert and/or appetizer recipes. Both feature fruit and a little bit of alcohol. Both are flexible in that they can be a bit of sweetness added to your snack menu, or they can be the crowning touch on your dessert.

Brandied Dates– Making a charcuterie tray? These dates make the perfect accompaniment to round out the savory nature of cheese and crackers. However, they also work as an indulgent topping on some homemade angel food cake. Serve the dates as you see fit!

Tequila Lime Fruit Dip– This fruit dip is sweet, so it made me want to categorize it as a dessert. Yet, it also could be a nice contrast to all of the salty foods in an appetizer menu. Again, if you’re making the recipe, you get to determine how it will be shared.

Sorry, kids, no matter how they are served, these are for the adults in the room!

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