Top 5 Healthy Hacks to Deal with Hatred of Vegetables

by Editorial Team | February 2nd, 2017 | Cooking Basics

Dislike of vegetables should not affect your healthy life. Staying fit is an essential attribute in our lifestyle. Eating perfect food is very important to stay healthy. Though vegetables are a full-fledged package of nutrients and vitamins, still it’s possible to replace them and stay healthy. Fantastic ways to eat healthy by avoiding vegetables in your diet are as under: 

Hate eating? Go for vegetable juice

To maintain the balance of all the nutrients in your diet, it is essential to have the vitamins, calcium, protein, carbohydrates in an appropriate proportion. If you don’t like to eat the vegetables, then try juicing them. Prepare juices at your home or buy them from a grocery store. You may order online with Food & Drink Voucher Code to grab few discounts for your purchase. This way you may add the nutritional vegetables in your meal. 


Oatmeal is the best replacement to vegetables as it mostly contains the same vitamins, minerals and fiber. Coming from plants, both oats and vegetables are rich in phytonutrients, which would be advantageous in fighting against the harmful oxidants resulting into a stronger immune system. Oatmeal perfectly replaces the vegetables fully loaded with the same nutritional value.


Fruits come with a good source of vitamins and minerals. The consumption of fruits reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. Supplying a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C, fruits promotes the nutritional content in your dietary healthy meal. Fiber, potassium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium are obtained in a huge amount from the fruits. Just fall in love with fruits and stay healthy. Fruits would successfully fulfill all the needs of nutrients that a body require. Smoothies would be great option to eat the fruits differently and gives a healthy touch to it.

Legumes & Pulses- great source of protein

Legumes and pulses prove to be the great source of protein. The proportion of protein that lags behind while avoiding the vegetables, would easily compensate from the legumes and pulses. They contain very little amount of fat and plenty of proteins in it. Being the most nutritional source, pulses and legumes are even the cheapest sources of protein. You may even save your money by buying it online with the Dealslands UK offers and vouchers. This way you can save your money with a nutritional diet. 


Try playing with the way of eating. Change the way to consume the veggies in your healthy diet. Hide them in various recipes to get the nutrition from the vegetables without actually eating them. You may bake a cake with vegetables, such as carrot, asparagus, broccoli, beetroot and the list goes on. Apart from using the vegetables while baking, you should add them in your junk food, such as pizza and pasta. Adding kale to the smoothie would be a better idea to hide your veggies. Likewise, you may even add spinach to guacamole for the healthier version.

Another idea to hide your veggies by making savoury muffins with minced or grated vegetables in it. This attractive way to present the dish would tempt you to eat it.

There is no escape for being healthy. Refrain from making the dislike of vegetables responsible for not eating healthy. There are plenty of ways to eat healthy even without eating vegetables or by hiding them. But, take into consideration that vegetables are the most essentials ingredients for including them in your diet as it maintains the balance of the nutrients in our body and supplies plenty of anti-oxidants. No other ingredients can fully replace the advantages of the vegetables.

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