Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 12th, 2010 | Techniques, Tools, and Tips

Santa Fe Quesadilla MakerLast December, my husband became the proud owner of the Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker via a “Secret Snowflake” gift exchange.  While it wasn’t a surprise, as all participants had to register for gift ideas, it was a welcomed present.  My husband had chosen this item because our twelve year old daughter is a huge fan of quesadillas, and he thought she might enjoy this kitchen tool.

Almost a year later, I can confirm that she enjoys having this item at her disposal.  In fact, almost everyone in our house enjoys using it, at least everyone who likes quesadillas enjoys using it!

There are several advantages to using this appliance:

  1. The process– I have made many quesadillas, alternating between baking in the oven and cooking in a pan.  There are issues with both.  Heating the oven for a single quesadilla is a ridiculous use of energy and takes a longer amount of time to deliver a quesdilla with a hot filling.  Cooking in a frying pan is quicker and uses less energy, but flipping the quesadilla can be tricky.  Using the quesadilla maker, it takes less than 5 minutes to produce a hot, ready to eat quesadilla without any flipping.  Even our 9 year old can use this on his own.
  2. The final product– Using the quesadilla maker, you receive a quesadilla that is c0oked evenly on both sides with warm ingredients.  Plus, the maker produces cooking marks on which you can cut the quesadilla in order to create evenly sized slices.
  3. The clean-up– Unless you spill ingredients on the quesadilla maker, all that is needed is a quick wipe of the surfaces with a damp paper towel (once you have unplugged the appliance).

Sure, owning a quesadilla maker does require finding storage space, but as long as you have the room for something that is the size of large frying pan, the storage of the maker is outweighed by its benefits.  Keep this tool in mind for quesadilla fans.  And if you’re looking for some quesadilla ideas, check out the Choose Your Own Quesadilla recipe.

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