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Our current prices are:

  • A300 x 250
  • B728 x 90
  • C300 x 600

Choose from the wide array of options for advertising at Think Tasty.


  • Can be displayed in any of the following sizes: 125×125, 160×600, 300×250, 728×90
  • Are rotated throughout the site, but all of them are placed prominently
  • We run our own ad serving software and are able to rotate multiple banners for you and also do frequency caps, if you so chose.


  • Placed within an article that is published on the homepage.
  • Link title needs to correspond with topic of the site
  • Can be permanent and will run the cycle of our publication, starting on homepage.


  • Placed over current site background to add branding elements that frame in the page content.
  • Provides additional branding space that is present throughout the entire page.


  • Can have up to three links of your choosing.
  • Must be on the topic of the chosen publication (e.g. you can’t post a health related posting on our auto racing publication).
  • Is permanent and runs the cycle of our publication, will display on the homepage during its cycle.
  • You can see an example of this offering here:


  • Placed in footer
  • Can be homepage only
  • Priced on a per month basis
  • $10/month/link


  • Our minimum is a $50 advertising purchase, but for any purchase over $100 we will discount by 20%.
  • To inquire about advertising, email: