3 Ways You Can Have Your Kosher Steak

by Editorial Team | October 8th, 2018 | Cooking Basics

Kosher food follows a strict set of dietary laws that have been in place for centuries. They outline everything from sourcing and butchering to preparing meat and seafood. These rules are not only in place for Jewish food. Since it is a way of life, as seen in the emphasis on what you can and cannot eat, kosher diet elements can be assimilated into any cuisine and meal.

Steaks are an everyday staple in the western world, and a kosher steak has a distinct difference from your regular meat. The kosher way of preparing meat is that there should be no blood. There are three ways you can have your kosher steak with varying degrees of convenience and time consumption:

1. Wash and salt your meat

To remove the blood from your meat, give your steak a good wash and remove any visible signs of blood. After you washed your meat, coat it in coarse salt. Be generous, but not excessive with your salt coating, and leave room for the blood to bleed out. Let it sit for at least an hour but not more than twelve hours before you cook it. You can prepare your steak the way you like with a dry rub or a marinade and grill it.

2. Broil your steak

Similar to the previous step, you should wash your meat clean from any signs of blood. Give it a healthy coating of salt and leave the meat to rest. To cook your steak put it in the broiler until there is an even crust around the meat. Remember that the grill and pan should only be used for red meat and no other kind of dish or food combination.

3. Wash and soak your meat

Washing and soaking your meat might be a quicker way to get rid of the blood, but at the same time it affects the flavor of your steak. Wash your meat to eliminate any visible signs of blood and leave it in a bowl to soak for thirty minutes. Remember that the water should not be warm or hot, or else you end up cooking the meat. Keep it at room temperature. After you finish soaking your meat, you can proceed to add your seasoning and cook it the way you like your steak.

Eating at a kosher restaurant.

When a restaurant is kosher, it means it has been approved through intensive inspection. You do not have to worry about the preparation that goes on behind the closed doors, since being certified is taken very seriously. It’s easy to find a kosher restaurant in Manhattan that serves mainstream dishes and fusion cuisine alongside your typical Jewish fare. Among the three options it is the least time consuming, but the same preparation and taste.

People who eat kosher food do not necessarily have to be Jewish, although that tradition is the basis for the diet. It is a popular choice for people who are careful about the kind of meat they eat. It is often done for health reasons. Anyone can eat kosher food.

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