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Recipe: Baseball Snack Mix

by Jane Wangersky March 31st, 2016| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Baseball and Cracker Jack go together, in real life as well as in our minds (unlike baseball and apple pie -- seriously, when did you ever see anyone eating pie at a baseball game? Anyway, you can’t make apple pie with just four ingredients). Thanks to the song, so do
corndog tarts

Recipe: Corndog Tarts

by Michele Pesula Kuegler March 30th, 2016| Appetizers, Recipes
The first day of major league baseball is right around the corner, and, thus, this week we honor this quasi-holiday with a week of recipes. Whether you've rearranged your schedule to watch your team's first game or not, these snack recipes are sure to please. Who doesn't enjoy a Sunday

5 Recipes for Opening Day Eating

by TT Editors March 28th, 2016| Appetizers, Main Dishes, Recipes

If you’re enjoying the opening day at home, you might want something traditional. There’s nothing quite like a soft pretzel to mimic the feel of the ballpark. Get the recipe here

Why not transform your pretzels into a

Recipe: Blayne’s Swedish Pancakes

by BnB Finder March 25th, 2016| Best BnB Bites, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
Have you found an inspiring brunch dish for Easter? We provided up a tantalizing option last week, but we know every foodie wants a cornucopia of gourmet goodness to consider. So this week we're offering another tantalizing round of the best from our B&B's. This dish - Blayne's Swedish Pancakes

Recipe: Cheese Brunch Squares

by Jane Wangersky March 24th, 2016| Recipes, Simple Solutions
This quick and easy stand-in for quiche was inspired, strangely enough, by a recipe for lemon bars that I’ve been using for a few months. The base layer was so much like pie crust and so much easier to make that I began thinking of other ways I
chocolate bourbon pineapple

Recipe: Chocolate Dipped, Bourbon Soaked Pineapple

by Michele Pesula Kuegler March 23rd, 2016| Desserts, Recipes
Have I mentioned previously that I love brunch? Especially when it is a buffet. I love being able to sample many different dishes and indulge in bites of deliciousness. I also love that brunch gives one an excuse to have champagne before noon. I mean, it would be rude to

6 Recipes for an Easy & Delicious Brunch

by TT Editors March 21st, 2016| Breakfast Dishes, Recipes

What’s a brunch menu without a coffee cake? Don’t go with basic, give this raspberry-infused version a try. Get the recipe here

Follow that sweet dish with something savory that your guests won’t expect to find. These enchiladas are

Recipe: Carrot Cake Waffles

by BnB Finder March 18th, 2016| Best BnB Bites, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
Can you believe Easter is right around the corner? As we happily hop toward spring, we realize rabbits aren't the only ones keen on carrots - especially when it comes to brunch. Packed with beta carotene, numerous vitamins, and plenty of fiber, this root veggie makes for a very enticing
chocolate raspberry cream croissant

Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Cream Croissants

by Jane Wangersky March 17th, 2016| Recipes, Simple Solutions
For brunch on a holiday, we all want something a little fancier than everyday breakfast -- but not too far away from it. Croissants alone might be special enough, but this takes them a step further by adding raspberry for a taste of spring and chocolate for a reminder of
sundried tomato mozzarella cigars

Recipe: Sun-dried Tomato & Mozzarella Cigars

by Michele Pesula Kuegler March 16th, 2016| Appetizers, Recipes
When I think of brunch, my mind typically wanders to breakfast treats: muffins, fresh fruit, danishes, coffee, mimosas. Of course, I am a huge fan of breakfast. Given the choice of going out to breakfast or lunch on a weekend, I will choose breakfast. I'm a sucker for good pancakes

6 Tips for a Lovely, Yet Simple Brunch

by TT Editors March 14th, 2016| Cooking Basics

Begin the night before, set out all needed glassware, silverware, dishes, and linens.

Don’t serve anything that needs to be made a la minute. Opt for oven-baked french toast, egg stratas, and scones/muffins, not pancakes

Meat does need

Recipe: Creamy Orange French Toast

by BnB Finder March 11th, 2016| Best BnB Bites, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
Our citrus-fest continues this week, and aren't you glad it's being done in a gourmet way? Personally, we can't get enough of how enticing oranges are for so many of the best breakfast dishes. Take for example this Creamy Orange French Toast recipe from our friends at Old Parkdale