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Friday Flashback- Cooking Spanish Style

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 28th, 2015| Friday Flashback

If you're a regular reader (You are, aren't you?), you know this week's theme is Madrid. Reviewing our recipes, I made a discovery or two. First, I haven't written about any other Madrid-focused foods. Second, we don't have many potato or garbanzo bean recipes. Third, many of the dishes
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Restaurante Algóra: Romantic Dining in Madrid

by Jane Wangersky August 27th, 2015| Restaurant Destination
An old railway station canteen may not sound like the place for a romantic dinner, except maybe in a war movie kind of way, but Madrid’s Restaurante Algóra, which started out as “la Cantina de la Estacion”, is now a softly lit haven that specializes in elegance
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Recipe: Madrid Salad

by Jane Wangersky August 26th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Madrid stew (cocido madrileño) is traditionally a long-cooking one-pot meal with multiple ingredients, and my challenge was to create a dish based on it that called for only four ingredients -- and that we could stand to eat in the middle of August. It turned out to be easier
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Potatoes for Potato Salad

by Elizabeth Skipper August 25th, 2015| Ask the Chef
I don’t make potato salad all that often. When I do, I’m never sure which potatoes are best for it. Do you have a recommendation?

It’s simple. Just remember to never use an Idaho, russet, or other kind called a baking potato. Those varieties are high in starch compared to
madrid stew tapas style

Recipe- Madrid Stew, Tapas Style

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 24th, 2015| Recipes, Tapas Monday
Our sister publication, Good Life Review, has focused on the destination of Madrid for the month of August. Here at Think Tasty, we've decided to provide our readers with our own spins on a classic dish from this city, the aptly named Madrid Stew. This author has
hot dogs

Friday Flashback- National Dog Day Food Ideas

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 21st, 2015| Friday Flashback
As I mentioned earlier this week, National Dog Day makes me think of hot dogs. It seems like a natural pairing. So, why fight it?

If I were to host a Dog Day party, which seems like a fun thing to do, I would definitely have a hot dog bar
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Taberna del Chato for Girls’ Night in Madrid

by Jane Wangersky August 20th, 2015| Restaurant Destination
Tapas are just the thing for girls’ night -- everyone can eat as much or as little as she wants. If you can all indulge in some fancy cocktails meanwhile, maybe finishing up with a classic dessert, so much the better. One place you can do all this in
dog day cookies (400x400)

Dog Day Cookies

by Jane Wangersky August 19th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
This week it was my job to invent a recipe for National Dog Day, which had the potential to get, um, tasteless, but we won’t go there. Looking around for inspiration, I found some people give parties on this day (August 26th) to raise money for animal welfare groups.
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Cooking Hot Dogs Wrapped in Bacon

by Elizabeth Skipper August 18th, 2015| Ask the Chef
I’ve seen hot dogs wrapped in bacon. I’m wondering how would be the best way to cook them. I want the hot dog to be hot and the bacon to be fully cooked. How do I accomplish this without over- or under- cooking either?

Oh, doesn’t this bring back memories

Friday Flashback- Back to School Party

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 14th, 2015| Friday Flashback
Since we started this week with a recipe for Bourbon Sugar, I figured we should continue with that brunch-ish sort of theme.  A back to school party is sure to include kids, making this the perfect time of day. For those with little ones, they can be
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La Excéntrica for Family Dining in Madrid

by Jane Wangersky August 13th, 2015| Restaurant Destination
Family friendly restaurants, like cheap restaurants, are not hard to find in Spain, where there’s somewhat more acceptance for kids acting like kids. Maybe it has something to do with lower expectations for peace and quiet -- James Michener wrote in Iberia: “I doubt if there is any country
tuna salad on bagel (400x400)

Tuna Salad with Sweet Pickle Relish

by Jane Wangersky August 12th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Back to school means sandwiches -- for most students, anyway. In my own schooldays, I never cared for them, and was known to bring in cold egg rolls for lunch. What goes around comes around, and now I have one child who’s only gradually learned to eat sandwiches, and