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September’s Food Focus- Sandwiches

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 31st, 2014| Recipes
As we flip the calendar and September begins, it is time to introduce this month's food focus: sandwiches. Starting today with a recipe, and continuing throughout the month, we will be sharing recipes and cooking tips for sandwiches, wraps, and other handheld dishes. Whether you're looking for a new

Vinegar 101

by Jane Wangersky August 29th, 2014| Cooking Basics
A while ago, I mentioned the time I tried to make gari -- pickled ginger for sushi -- and couldn’t get it to turn pink. I thought maybe I’d used the wrong kind of vinegar. (I’ve found out that very young ginger is supposed to turn pink when pickled,

Recipes for Apples of All Sizes

by Jane Wangersky August 28th, 2014| Recipes, Simple Solutions
What’s local right now? What isn’t? The service that delivers produce to us is even showing locally grown okra on its site. That used to be unheard of north of the Mason-Dixon line, let alone the 49th parallel. For a few brief weeks, all sorts of fruits and vegetables
burgers n flame

Forming Hamburgers- Is There a Proper Method

by Elizabeth Skipper August 27th, 2014| Ask the Chef
Is there a correct way to form hamburgers? I have hand-formed them and used a patty maker.  I also have made patties that are flat and added a dimple to them to help with cooking. Are any of these methods better than another, or is there a totally
Sweet Cucumber Pickles

Sweet Cucumber Pickles from Big Mill Bed and Breakfast

by BnB Finder August 26th, 2014| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
When I think of pickles, I typically think of kosher spears to accompany a burger or hot dog.  However, if I think back to my childhood, I think of holiday celebrations and pretty bowls with divided sections.  In one section would be black olives, and in the other would
corn fritter cake

Fresh Corn Cakes- Local Produce in a Delightful Package

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 25th, 2014| Appetizers, Recipes, Side Dishes, Tapas Monday
Last Tapas Monday, I made a menu that placed a spin on southern flair.  I started with pulled pork, which I let simmer in a mini crock pot for the afternoon.  It was incredibly tender by the time our 8 o'clock dinner rolled around.  Rather than serving it on

What to Use Instead of Whipped Cream

by Jane Wangersky August 22nd, 2014| Cooking Basics
I have a confession to make. In my cherry crunch recipe awhile back, I mentioned serving it with ice cream, and included a photo of a serving of it with a pale pink topping. Well, the topping was really Greek yogurt. Sometimes food photographers, even very occasional ones like
blueberry ginger salad

Blueberry Ginger Salad — Sweet and Sour

by Jane Wangersky August 21st, 2014| Recipes, Simple Solutions
I had five pounds of blueberries in my refrigerator, down from ten pounds a couple of nights before, and I was ready to do something new with them. Some were destined for freezer jam, many would be eaten on cereal or out of hand as snacks, and there were

Ask the Chef- Keeping Leftover Avocados

by Elizabeth Skipper August 20th, 2014| Ask the Chef
I needed only half an avocado for a recipe. I spritzed the remaining half with lime juice and wrapped it in plastic wrap. When I went to use it two days later, it was brown. Is there an effective way to save unused avocado, or should I have just eaten
Crab Bisque

Crab Bisque from Whitestone Country Inn

by BnB Finder August 19th, 2014| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
So, a bisque may not be a recipe that you are expecting in August.  However, shellfish tend to be a summer ingredient, at least in my mind.  And if you throw a bunch of locally grown vegetables, it begins to make one think. Why shouldn't bisque be a summer

Cherry Basics: Sweet, Tart, and More

by Jane Wangersky August 15th, 2014| Cooking Basics
Cherries, like many summer fruits, will disappear if you just leave them out in plain sight. Much as I like to eat them raw myself, it causes a reaction in me, so I’ve got to take my cherries cooked or not at all. Thus, for a short time each
grilled corn

Chili Roasted Corn on the Cob

by Jane Wangersky August 14th, 2014| Recipes, Simple Solutions
It’s not summer for me unless I’ve had corn on the cob. Not that it’s my favorite food or anything -- I don’t eat a lot of it -- it’s just one of those tastes of summer and has been pretty much forever. It also gives me a chance