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pasta in pot

Pasta Inserts: Needed or Not?

by Elizabeth Skipper October 16th, 2013| Ask the Chef
My husband and I have a question that we'd like you to answer.  He's certain that we need a pasta pot (with the second colander-like pot), and I think it just is something else to store.  Who's right?

You think I'm going to answer whether you or your husband is
pumpkin brownies

Pumpkin Brownies

by BnB Finder October 15th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
It's October, and that means the flavor of the month is pumpkin. We have pumpkin lattés, pumpkin martinis, pumpkin muffins and of course good old pumpkin pie. But did you ever think of pumpkin brownies? This recipe swaps the chocolate in that old favorite for pumpkin, brown sugar, and

Caramelized Corn

by Michele Pesula Kuegler October 14th, 2013| Appetizers, Recipes
Yesterday we didn't have much on the schedule outside of shopping and football, which made for a nice mix on a Sunday.  Add to it that I was able to find some cute new items for my closet, and it became a certified great day.  Now all we needed
strawberries n cheese

Garlic Cheese Biscuits and Strawberry Shortcake

by James Maynard October 11th, 2013| Video
Garlic Cheese biscuits are versatile, delicious, and compliment nearly any meal. They can be eaten at any meal, being perfect additions to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Strawberry shortcake is one of America’s favorite desserts, loved by children and adults alike. Each of these treats can make a great dinner

A Book of Memories and Recipes

by Jane Wangersky October 10th, 2013| Cooking Basics
This week I'm going in a slightly different direction to review a book: Perdutamente: Crazy For Italian Food, by Joe Famularo. ("Perdutamente" means hopelessly, desperately -- I'd guess "lostly" if such a word existed in English.) I can recommend it for several reasons.

First,there's a short passage in this book

Biscuits: Rolled Vs. Dropped

by Elizabeth Skipper October 9th, 2013| Ask the Chef
I've always made cut biscuits because I like their shape.  However, drop biscuits would eliminate the need to dirty another utensil and maybe minimize the amount of flour blowing around the kitchen.  Are there other differences between the two types of biscuits, and is one preferable?

I'm partial to rolled,

Breakfast Corn Chowder with Poached Eggs

by BnB Finder October 8th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
Here's another dish most of us have never thought of as breakfast -- very different from Tropical Breakfast Sorbet, but just as inviting -- Breakfast Corn Chowder with Poached Eggs. It's like bacon, eggs, and hash browns with an extra touch of creamy warmth. This hearty dish

Pizza Made Easy as Pie

by James Maynard October 4th, 2013| Video
Pizza is one of the most commonly-eaten foods in America. Nearly everyone loves this simple, delicious versatile meal. But, rather than order out for pizza, and having it delivered, you can make delicious pizza at home, for a lot less money. In this video, we learn how to make
chicken uncooked

Chicken — Mature and Otherwise

by Jane Wangersky October 3rd, 2013| Cooking Basics
Last week I bought some chicken at the nostalgic price of 89 cents a pound. But first, I really hesitated. Not because I was afraid there was something wrong with it, but because, unlike most of the chicken I'd ever cooked, this was "mature stewing hen".

The chickens whose meat
apple basket

Sweetening Applesauce

by Elizabeth Skipper October 2nd, 2013| Ask the Chef
I will be making homemade applesauce this fall.  I have made it previously and used sugar to sweeten it.  Is there a way to sweeten it without using sugar?

Homemade applesauce is the best, isn't it? Once you've had it, you don't ever want to go back to the store-bought

Gillian’s Famous Oatmeal Cookies

by BnB Finder October 1st, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
Oatmeal cookies are a classic, made even better with raisins and maybe chocolate chips. This version takes it a step further, replacing raisins with dried cherries to give the cookies a tang that sets off the sweetness of the brown sugar and chocolate. Walnuts add some crunch. Gillian Kite

Carrot & Dried Cranberry Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler September 30th, 2013| Recipes, Salads
Last Sunday, the favorite NFL teams in our household were both playing at 1:00 pm.  The Patriots game would be watched on tv, and the Ravens game would be followed online.  So, with this simultaneous double header and everyone home, a round of snacks were in order.  On the