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Strawberry Sauce

by Michele Pesula Kuegler July 22nd, 2013| Desserts, Recipes
I made cheesecake this weekend, so obviously I needed to make a topping for it.  At least in my opinion, I did.  While I love cheesecake, whether it be cream cheese-heavy, ricotta-heavy, or a blend of the two, I find that its flavor is one-note.  The texture, albeit creamy,
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Chicken Saltimbocca Made Easy!

by James Maynard July 19th, 2013| Video
Chicken saltimbocca is one of those dishes that looks a lot harder to prepare than it actually is, making it a dish that you can prepare to really impress someone. Most people, even fairly good home cooks, will seldom or ever make chicken saltimbocca, and most people never eat

Fresh Summer Recipes

by Julia Loschiavo July 18th, 2013| Recipes
All summer, I've had the pleasure to talk with chefs who utilize fresh, local, garden-grown ingredients to create their menus. Taking inspiration from them, here are four seasonal recipes from the Think Tasty archives to add some flavors of the season to your next meal. Bonus points if your
strawberry jam

Berries, Jams & Jellies

by Elizabeth Skipper July 17th, 2013| Techniques, Tools, and Tips
Summer's in full swing, although many of us here in NH are wondering when we'll get to enjoy it. It's either been too wet or too hot and humid to want to venture outside except at dawn or dusk, and of course that's when the mosquitoes attack. But weather

Almond Cake

by BnB Finder July 16th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
Do you ever find yourself in the mood for home baked, from-scratch cake -- but you don't want to put a lot of time or work into it? This recipe is perfect for those times. It's simple but rich and uses mostly materials you already have. You don't even
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Kiddie Cocktails for Summer!

by James Maynard July 12th, 2013| Drinks, Recipes
One of the delights of summer is drinking cool cocktails outside, especially with family and friends. Children also love being outside in the summer, and just like adults, they get thirsty. Rather than just give your children a juice box or a soda, why not let them feel special
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Chef Lisa Sellars and Her Island Paradise Garden

by Julia Loschiavo July 11th, 2013| Chef Interviews
Located on the beautiful British Virgin Islands, the Peter Island Resort & Spa offers two restaurants on its tranquil and welcoming property. Between the upscale Tradewinds restaurant and the relaxed Deadman's Beach Bar & Grill, Chef Lisa Sellars uses garden-grown produce to create
grilled corn

Corn, On the Cob and Off

by Elizabeth Skipper July 10th, 2013| Ask the Chef
Fresh corn on the cob will be available locally very soon. I usually husk and boil it. However, is there another method that's better?

Boiling is the best known and mostly commonly used way to cook corn on the cob. It works well, although it requires heating a large amount

Chocolate Espresso Pancakes with Raspberry Coulis

by BnB Finder July 9th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
It's raspberry season -- at least, where I live it is. We're lucky enough to have raspberries growing in our backyard, and we've been able to pick big bowls of them every one of the past few days. Raspberries are delicious just as they come, of course, but they

Asparagus & Pea Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler July 8th, 2013| Recipes, Salads
The growing season in New Hampshire is quite short, so I try to utilize fresh, local ingredients when they are available.  Already we have enjoyed beet greens, fiddleheads, strawberries, cherries, rhubarb, and spinach from the farm near our house.  I know that in the coming weeks there will be

Barbecued Asian Ribs for Outdoor Grills

by James Maynard July 5th, 2013| Video
Asian ribs are delicious and make a wonderful meal for summertime – especially if they are barbecued. While many summer cookouts will feature the traditional hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken, ribs can give your get-together a whole other feel. And, doing them Asian-style will provide a flair that will
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A Trip down Shoreditch: London’s New Meat and Veggie Haven

by Editorial Team July 5th, 2013| Techniques, Tools, and Tips
Although London is known as a culinary giant to the rest of the world, not all gourmet hunters find their way to the hidden gems veiled from the main city streets. With a melting pot of cultures by the East End, it shouldn’t be surprising to find some