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Chef Mark Goldberg

Chef Mark Goldberg

by Rachel Dushkewich February 28th, 2013| Chef Interviews
Looking for the latest and greatest in New England cuisine? Look no further than PARK, right in the middle of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts! Relatively new on the scene, PARK opened its doors in the spring of 2012. Chef Mark Goldberg mixes French
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Even Great Recipes Aren’t Perfect

by Elizabeth Skipper February 27th, 2013| Techniques, Tools, and Tips
I wrote about recipes and their pitfalls last year. Today I'm writing about why even great recipes aren't foolproof.

Recipes can be tricky things. There are people who say, "Oh, I can't cook, but I can follow a recipe." Guess what? If you're following recipes, your results are going to

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

by BnB Finder February 26th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
How would we get through the winter without hot chocolate? For most of us, this drink starts with a mixture of cocoa, milk, and sugar, or (to be honest) a few spoonfuls of instant hot chocolate mix. This week's recipe, from the Inn at English Meadows
Chef Cordell McGary

Chef Cordell of Eating Well with Chef Cordell!

by Rachel Dushkewich February 22nd, 2013| Chef Interviews
Looking to stick to your New Year’s Resolution without skimping on flavor? Look no further than the advice and services of Chef Cordell McGary of Eating Well with Chef Cordell! Passionate about heath, Chef Cordell looks to fight obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure,
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Easy Cakes from Scratch

by Elizabeth Skipper February 20th, 2013| Ask the Chef
I have been making homemade frosting for years, after reading the label and seeing all of the oils. However, I've stuck with boxed cake mixes because I figured the main ingredient in box and homemade is flour. I would like to be able to say the whole cake is
breakfast enchiladas

Breakfast Enchiladas with Chicken and Green Chile

by BnB Finder February 19th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
As winter rolls on, it's a great time to indulge in  hearty breakfasts, weekend brunches with friends, and touches of the sunny Southwest. This week's recipe from El Farolito Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe, New Mexico, fills the bill for any of those.  (It'll also help

Chefs Ruston Richardson and Drew Dunston

by Rachel Dushkewich February 14th, 2013| Chef Interviews
Looking to dine alongside American history? Look no further than Paggi House in Austin, Texas! Residents and visitors recognize Paggi House as one of Austin’s oldest historical landmarks, as the building dates back to the 1840’s. The exciting food and atmosphere, though, prove enticing in their

Cast Iron Skillets

by Elizabeth Skipper February 13th, 2013| Techniques, Tools, and Tips
Moving things around the kitchen today, I found myself with one of my favorite pans in hand, a cast iron skillet. I began to ruminate about the many ways I use it, and how many functions it performs. For all its plain Jane looks and low price tag, this

Bacon Jam

by BnB Finder February 12th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
In the last few years, bacon lovers have found new and often surprising ways to use their favorite smoked meat. Not only is bacon not just for breakfast anymore, it's not just for savory dishes anymore. Bacon has jumped out of the frying pan (and the salad bowl and

Baked Potato Soup

by Michele Pesula Kuegler February 11th, 2013| Recipes, Soups & Stews
Although I made this soup a couple weeks ago, today seems like a great day to share the recipe. After a weekend that was filled with two feet of snow, strong winds, and low temperatures, a pot of hearty soup is a good way keep the cold outside.  As

Chef François Kwaku-Dongo

by Rachel Dushkewich February 7th, 2013| Chef Interviews
If you’re in search of a truly unique dining experience, search no further than Eleven14 Kitchen in Greenwich, Connecticut! Growing up in the Côte d’Ivoire and traveling to Japan and France, Chef François Kwaku-Dongo blends experiences from around the world with local, quintessential New England flair. His food

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce — Three Easy Ways

by Elizabeth Skipper February 6th, 2013| Ask the Chef
I would like to start making homemade spaghetti sauce. However, I don't have a lot of free time. Is there a simple way to make the sauce homemade?

The way your question is phrased makes me think you're of the school that says "spaghetti sauce" must be time-consuming. That's far