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Chef Wooters

by Michele Pesula Kuegler April 5th, 2012| Chef Interviews
After a brief stop in Nevada, we return to Arizona and the fine city of Tucson.  Located in southern Arizona, spring is a time of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Located in slowly warming New Hampshire, it always is surprising to me that other parts of the country already have

Chef K.C. Fazel

by Michele Pesula Kuegler April 4th, 2012| Chef Interviews
To make this journey across the US more interesting, I decided to leave Arizona for a glimpse of Las Vegas before we return to the Copper State.  Today's interview introduces our readers to Chef K.C. Fazel of TENDER steak & seafood, located at the Luxor Las Vegas.  Chef

Cooking Asparagus

by Elizabeth Skipper April 3rd, 2012| Ask the Chef
Asparagus will be available locally quite soon. I’ve tried steaming it, but quite often it ends up soggy. How can I cook it so that it will be crisp-tender?

Somewhere in the past twenty years or so, people have gotten the idea that the most healthful way to prepare vegetables

Chef Gregory Wiener

by Michele Pesula Kuegler April 2nd, 2012| Chef Interviews
Our journey through the US moves us in a nicely themed manner from the Golden State to the Copper State.  We will be staying in this new destination for two interviews, starting first in the city of Tempe.  Here we were treated to the culinary delights of Chef Gregory