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saviez vineyards

Saviez Vineyards

by Michele Pesula Kuegler February 24th, 2008| Tasty Thoughts
Recently, I attended the Boston Wine Expo.  Out of the hundreds of vineyards there, one had a story that made it very memorable.  That vineyard is Saviez Vineyards, located in Calistoga, California.

Fortunately, I was able to visit the Saviez Vineyard booth before the Expo was open to the public. 
Tillen Farms

Review: Tillen Farms

by TK February 17th, 2008| Tasty Thoughts
At the Boston Wine Expo, we got to experience a ton of new wines, but the things that caught the most attention with us were the food vendors, which were exhibiting. One vendor that we had to come back see a few times (and get a few samples each

Boston Wine Expo

by Michele Pesula Kuegler February 11th, 2008| Tasty Thoughts
Amazing and overwhelming. Those words best describe my experience at the Boston Wine Expo on Saturday, February 9th.

My colleague and I arrived at the Expo at noon, an hour before the event is open to the public. Just having negotiated confusing travel from our hotel to the Seaport

Restaurant Review: Excelsior, Boston, MA

by TK February 10th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
The mission was simple: we were away for the weekend in Boston and wanted to find a happening restaurant for fun, food, and drinks. We were staying at a great hotel, so I called down to the concierge and advised him of his mission and that
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Wilted Spinach

by Michele Pesula Kuegler February 8th, 2008| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Side Dishes
Thursday was a busy afternoon in our house. With both of the adults having appointments in the afternoon, we knew that dinner would need to be an easy to prepare meal. Trying to eat healthier meals, we didn't want to go the fast food route.

Having 2 of the 4 kids
Wine Expo

TastyThoughts Goes on Location for the Boston Wine Expo

by TK February 4th, 2008| Tasty Thoughts
As regular readers of TastyThoughts know, the editing team here loves great food and wine. So when we had the opportunity to cover the largest wine show in the United States, we jumped at the opportunity. This coming weekend, TastyThoughts' senior editing team will be at the Boston Wine Expo,