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Restaurant Review: Strangebrew Tavern, Manchester, NH

by J Frazzetta July 1st, 2008| Restaurant Reviews

If you happened to have read my recent posts about beer reviews on our sister site, Parched No More, I mention a spot in Manchester I frequent to do my taste testing. Strangebrew Tavern, located at 88 Market Street, is a

Review: The Sherman – Burlingame, California

by TK June 24th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
In my world, a great dining experience must have three components: company, atmosphere, and food. Recently, stranded for a lonely weekend in the Bay Area, I was hungry for some lunch. I drove around the San Fran airport area and found little that seemed appealing. By
voodoo doughnuts

Voodoo Doughnuts – Portland, Oregon

by Erin Steiner May 22nd, 2008| Tasty Thoughts

If you are ever in Portland, you must visit Voodoo Doughnuts.

Located downtown just off the corner of 3rd and Burnside (on the southwest corner of the intersection), Voodoo Doughnuts is a Portland landmark! More than that, Voodoo Doughnuts is a Portland tradition—you must stop in

sweet santangelo

Sweet Santangelo’s

by Michele Pesula Kuegler March 24th, 2008| Desserts, Tasty Thoughts
Last month I attended the Boston Wine Expo. Although I loved trying wines from different vineyards around the world, I loved visiting the food vendors just as much. One vendor of particular note was Sweet Santangelo's, which is located in Woburn, Massachusetts.

As I browsed the food vendors,

Thaiphoon, Palo Alto, California

by Michele Pesula Kuegler March 2nd, 2008| Restaurant Reviews

While in California recently, my boyfriend and I decided to have Thai food for dinner. Searching the Internet, we found Thaiphoon, located in Palo Alto.

We arrived at 6:30 on a Sunday night and were seated immediately. We were greeted by our

Tillen Farms

Review: Tillen Farms

by TK February 17th, 2008| Tasty Thoughts
At the Boston Wine Expo, we got to experience a ton of new wines, but the things that caught the most attention with us were the food vendors, which were exhibiting. One vendor that we had to come back see a few times (and get a few samples each

Restaurant Review: Excelsior, Boston, MA

by TK February 10th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
The mission was simple: we were away for the weekend in Boston and wanted to find a happening restaurant for fun, food, and drinks. We were staying at a great hotel, so I called down to the concierge and advised him of his mission and that

Restaurant Review: Silver Spring Mining Company, Bel Air, MD

by TK January 18th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
Often on Tasty Thoughts we review and talk about "fine" dining -- fancy restaurants, exquisitely presented foods accompanied by quenching drinks. But we believe that food and eating is all about serving great tasting food in the right setting. On a trip down to Maryland, we experienced exactly that in the

Restaurant Review: Michael Timothy’s, Nashua, NH

by TK January 16th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
One of our usual haunts on our nights out without at least one of our four kids is Michael Timothy's Bistro in downtown Nashua. It is one of those restaurant and jazz bars that have become so popular in all corners of the country. But Michael Timothy's is a

Restaurant Review: Bedford Village Inn, Bedford, NH

by TK December 24th, 2007| Restaurant Reviews
For a special holiday fare, we decided to go somewhere with a great reputation for creating special occasions - Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, New Hampshire. My delightful girlfriend, Michele, set the entire evening up (arranging for a babysitter and getting the reservation). She set the reservation for 8:30, but

OXO Good Grips Click & Seal Travel Mug

by Michele Pesula Kuegler July 16th, 2007| Techniques, Tools, and Tips
I am a low-dose coffee addict. I don't need to have an i.v. of coffee, but I definitely need my morning cup of coffee. I prefer to sip slowly on my hot beverage during the start of my workday. This leads to the problem of finding the

Toastmaker Belgian Waffle Maker

by Michele Pesula Kuegler July 9th, 2007| Techniques, Tools, and Tips
A year or two ago, my two children, who were 7 and 9 at the time, slept over a friend's house. For breakfast the next morning they were offered waffles. They thought it was a great idea until the waffles were taken out of a box in