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Callaloo stuffed pork

Callaloo Stuffed Veal

by TT October 27th, 2010| Main Dishes, Recipes
One of the most relaxing parts of the weekend for my husband and myself is to shop for interesting ingredients and cook.  With harvest in full swing in September and the beginning of October, we made numerous trips to local farms.  While visiting Lull Farm we discovered that they had

Figs and Roquefort

by TT October 26th, 2010| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Last week my husband and I had the pleasure of vacationing in Paris.  Although the news reports from France focused on the strikes and protests, I am happy to report that we saw none of that.  What we experienced were five days of utter joy:  fabulous architecture, amazing pieces
French Onion Pork

French Onion Pork

by TT October 13th, 2010| Main Dishes, Recipes
Sometimes the last minute idea for dinner ends up being a big hit.  Last night it certainly did.  When I shopped early in the week, I purchased boneless pork chops.  I didn't have a plan for them but figured something creative would come to mind.  As is typical of any
sweet and sour meatball

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

by TT October 6th, 2010| Appetizers, Recipes
For me, meatballs are an obvious choice when entertaining.  First, most people tend to enjoy meatballs (at least in my circle of family and friends).  Second, they can be prepared in advance and kept warm in a crockpot.  Third, they need no garnish or accompaniments, just a fork and a
pumpkin bread pudding

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

by TT October 1st, 2010| Desserts, Recipes
While fall does mean the end of most local produce, there are some culinary highlights to this season, for me anyway.  First, fall brings winter squash, which I happen to adore.  Pumpkin, sunshine, butternut, acorn. . .the list could be quite long.  Second, the cooler temperatures practically beg for something
whipping cream

Whipped Cream

by TT September 27th, 2010| Recipes, Simple Solutions
You know, sometimes the simplest of things is what impresses people the most.  A perfect example of that is whipped cream.  Making it requires three ingredients and one minute.  That's it.  Yet, every time I make whipped cream instead of spraying it out of a can, I receive comments,
pumpkin bread

Aunt Sue’s Pumpkin Bread

by TT September 24th, 2010| Breads, Recipes
Like many others, when I cook and need inspiration I usually turn to the Internet.  While I do have a cupboard filled with cookbooks, I find it easier to do a quick search online, as that will offer me more options at a quicker speed than reviewing my cookbooks.  However,

Sweet & Savory Pizza

by TT September 13th, 2010| Main Dishes, Recipes
Originally, this pizza was going to be named Pear & Onion Pizza.  However, looking at that title made me think that people would see the title and move on to the next web site.  Although I absolutely adore this pizza, I do understand that it may seem that pears don't

Warm, Sweet, & Nutty Goat Cheese

by TT September 8th, 2010| Appetizers, Recipes, Tapas Monday
To me, this recipe is nearly perfection.  The title alone should explain that.  First, warm cheese is involved, which always is a good thing in my book.  Second, there is a combination of sweet and savory, which delights my taste buds.  Third, with the use of nuts there is crunch,

White Grape Reduction

by TT September 3rd, 2010| Recipes, Simple Solutions
In the past few months I have posted several recipes that I don't consider to be true recipes.  Although they require some cooking or kitchen skills, they usually contain only one or two ingredients and involve a minimal number of steps.  However, I do believe that all of them

Pecan Brittle

by TT August 30th, 2010| Desserts, Recipes
Although summer is nearing its end and school has begun again, the current weather is in denial of these facts.  With temperatures in the mid-90s yesterday and today and staying that way for a few more days, it feels more like the middle of July.

As a person who has seasonal

Blueberry Simple Syrup

by TT August 27th, 2010| Recipes, Simple Solutions
My husband and I have a variety of shared interests and hobbies, one of which is cooking.  However, on a typical day it is difficult for both of us to be able to work on a meal together.  Between work demands and parenting responsibilities, it seems that one of
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