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How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Leftovers

by Jane Wangersky December 5th, 2013| Cooking Basics
meat pieIf you bought a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, and didn't have a houseful of people to help eat it, you've got leftovers, even if everyone's had turkey sandwiches for lunch all this week. They're probably not just turkey, either. So what can you do with a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers -- or any leftovers -- that you're getting tired of?

First, with a turkey or chicken, the meat should be taken off the bones. This is boring and messy, but in the end you've got some bones you can simmer in water to make broth, and some ready-cooked meat that'll
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Don’t Be Chicken to Make These Dishes!

by James Maynard November 29th, 2013| Video
chicken stripsChicken is one of the most versatile foods in the world. Recipes don't have to be complicated. Delicious dishes can be created by novice chefs in just a matter of minutes. Best of all, chicken is healthy, inexpensive, and loved by nearly everyone who eats meat. You don't need any ingredients that can't be found in nearly any kitchen. Watch this video, and you will learn two quick and easy recipes to create for family or friends. The first is restaurant-style chicken fingers. The second is salsa chicken. This is a great recipe for parties. Try out both of
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Cranberry Sauce and Beyond

by Jane Wangersky November 28th, 2013| Cooking Basics
cranberriesCranberries are one of those foods we don't see much of except on Thanksgiving. There's cranberry sauce to go with the turkey, and the rest of the year it's just cranberry cocktail, cranberry muffins, and maybe some heavily sugared dried cranberries as a snack. The reason, of course, is that cranberries on their own are just too sour to eat. There may be other reasons. I remember reading about a study on whether cranberry juice prevented infections; the researchers had a problem with lots of people dropping out of the study. Maybe there's something about the taste of cranberry
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Baked Stuffed Haddock

by BnB Finder November 26th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
baked_stuffed_haddock_mediumStuffing is not just for turkey (though it's understandable if you find yourself thinking so, especially this Thanksgiving week). This recipe uses winter vegetables and shellfish to make a flavorful stuffing for baked haddock. There's no need to deal with a whole fish -- just spoon the stuffing on top of filets, top with a creamy homemade dill dressing (recipe included) and cracker crumbs, and bake. The stuffing and dressing could be made in advance for a quick weeknight dinner. From the York Harbor Inn in York Harbor, Maine, just steps from the beach, with rooms "to fit
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Thanksgiving Dinner Part III: The Turkey

by Elizabeth Skipper November 20th, 2013| Ask the Chef
turkeyOK, in the last two weeks we've covered planning and the side dishes. This third part of answering the question about hosting Thanksgiving for the first time single-handed will cover the focus of the meal, the turkey itself.

If you've bought a frozen turkey, exercise care thawing it. Otherwise, bacterial growth can be a problem. Again, you need to think ahead. (Are you tired of hearing me say that yet?) Because it takes about 24 hours for each five pounds of frozen turkey to thaw in the refrigerator, check your bird's weight. If it's a 15-pound bird, you'll need to
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Thanksgiving Dinner Part I: Planning

by Elizabeth Skipper November 6th, 2013| Ask the Chef
turkey usmcI am making my first Thanksgiving dinner for the family, which is a group of 10. I've eaten many dinners and helped family, but my husband and I have never made the whole dinner. What advice can you offer?

So you and hubby are to single-handedly put on Thanksgiving dinner for the family for the first time this year. My advice can be summed up in one word, "Plan." Plan the menu. Plan the quantities, the grocery list, the seating, the tableware, the serving dishes, the beverages, and the timing. Make a spreadsheet if you're so inclined. Make a timeline.

Generally speaking,
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Three-Bean Chipotle Turkey Chili

by BnB Finder October 22nd, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes

There's no need to wait till Thanksgiving to enjoy some turkey. This week's recipe tells you how to use ground turkey to make a classic spicy chili, perfect for dinner on a cool fall evening. It's surprisingly quick and easy to assemble -- then get it simmering in a slow cooker and most of your dinner prep is done, hours in advance. Read all the way to the end of the recipe for a vegan option. This comes from the Inn on Main Street in Weaverville, North Carolina, a quiet haven that's still close to downtown Asheville

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Chicken — Mature and Otherwise

by Jane Wangersky October 3rd, 2013| Cooking Basics
chicken uncookedLast week I bought some chicken at the nostalgic price of 89 cents a pound. But first, I really hesitated. Not because I was afraid there was something wrong with it, but because, unlike most of the chicken I'd ever cooked, this was "mature stewing hen".

The chickens whose meat you find most often in stores are called, in ascending order of size, broilers, fryers, and roasters. Despite the names, they're all good for cooking pretty much any way you want. Also,they're all under five pounds in weight, less than eight months old (broilers and fryers are eight weeks or
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Crocker House Scallops

by BnB Finder August 6th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
scallops pdThis recipe has everything you could want in a main dish for a summer supper -- it`s simple, light, delicious, and has an understated elegance. Be sure to use fresh ingredients to treat  yourself to five-star dining -- also, using previously frozen scallops instead of fresh may cause burns (on you, not the scallops) when the water in them meets the hot surface of the pan and possibly splashes out. We get this recipe from the Crocker House Country Inn in Hancock Point, Maine, a place ``where classic never goes out of style`` in a town where
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Go Coconuts over Tilapia!

by James Maynard July 26th, 2013| Video
coconut shreddedCoconut-crusted tilapia is a light, delicious healthy main course which can help you family eat more fish, with all of its health benefits. It is a near-perfect dish for summer nights, as hot days begin to cool. For people who love coconut, this odd fruit mingles wonderfully with the light taste of tilapia. The coating of the fish is made with panko, a light Japanese breadcrumb, and this lesson will also teach you how to prepare a delicious apricot glaze and side of honey-ginger carrots to compliment the fish. Watch this video to learn how to turn out this
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Grilling Fish: What You Really Need

by Elizabeth Skipper July 24th, 2013| Ask the Chef
fish grill basketI would like to cook fish on the grill during this hot weather. However, I don't own a special fish grill basket. Is it possible to cook fish without one?

Special baskets just for fish were created to avoid one of the biggest hurdles to successfully cooking fish on a grill, sticking. Any food sticking to a grill is frustrating, but fish is so delicate that once it sticks, it's virtually impossible to move or remove without its disintegrating. And fish isn't cheap, which adds insult to injury.

However, fish baskets aren't a perfect solution. Unless they're carefully designed, they're more trouble
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Chicken Saltimbocca Made Easy!

by James Maynard July 19th, 2013| Video
med ciaoChicken saltimbocca is one of those dishes that looks a lot harder to prepare than it actually is, making it a dish that you can prepare to really impress someone. Most people, even fairly good home cooks, will seldom or ever make chicken saltimbocca, and most people never eat it outside of a restaurant. It is one of the hallmarks of a good Italian restaurant. Watch this video however, and you will learn how to make chicken saltimbocca with only moderate cooking skills and a few simple, fresh ingredients. Also, a quick and easy side dish is also taught,
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