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Blueberry Brunch Loaf

by BnB Finder March 18th, 2014| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
Blueberry Brunch LoafIf you can get your hands on some blueberries, and some blueberry jam, you can make this quick, easy, sweet bread in the hour before your brunch guests arrive -- or even after work as a dessert for dinner. The rest of the ingredients you can probably find in your kitchen. A brown sugar and oatmeal topping with plenty of butter adds the final sweet touch. The Captain Schoonmaker Bed & Breakfast, at the base of Mohonk Mountain in scenic upstate New York, sends us this recipe and offers guests "a large multi-course country gourmet breakfast featuring eggs from
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Springform Pan Needed for Cheesecake?

by Elizabeth Skipper March 12th, 2014| Ask the Chef
cheesecakeI want to try making my first cheesecake. Every recipe calls for a springform pan, but I don’t own one.  I’d rather not buy one if this is the only time I make a cheesecake.  Do I have to buy a springform pan?

"Every recipe calls for a springform pan," should be a clue that you need one. I've never seen a recipe that didn't call for one, in fact. Why? Why can't you just use a regular cake pan?

First, many cheesecakes are taller than a 1½ - 2" high cake pan will accommodate. Then how about using a
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Al Marscarpone was Walnuts!

by James Maynard February 28th, 2014| Video
mascarpone dessertMascarpone walnut rolls are delicious treats that will please friends and family of all ages. These sweet desserts are easy to make, and best of all, they even have cranberries! This soft, Italian cheese is found in a wide variety of desserts. If you don't have marscarpone, you can even use cream cheese for this recipe! In this video, we learn how to create these tasty sweet snacks for desserts, or a late-night treat. This award-winning recipe can be quickly prepared, while assembling a larger meal or banquet. The techniques shown can also be used with a homemade buttermilk
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Peanut Butter Cookies: Why the Criss-Cross?

by Elizabeth Skipper February 26th, 2014| Ask the Chef
cookies with grid

When my mom made peanut butter cookies, she always used a fork and made criss-crossed lines on the cookies. Do I need to do this? Instead of using a fork, could I just flatten the dough?

When you think of a peanut butter cookie, the image that comes to mind is a dark tan colored cookie with a grid on the top. Somehow, nothing else seems right. That doesn't mean, though, that's the way it must be.

If you've made peanut butter cookies, whether using the simplest recipe which calls for just three ingredients, or a more complex one,

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Chocolate Fudge Cake

by BnB Finder February 25th, 2014| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
Chocolate Fudge CakeA lot of chocolate -- the candy kind -- has been sold, given, and eaten this month. But what about that unsweetened baking chocolate in the back of your cupboard, the stuff you're not quite sure what to do with? Here's a great recipe that uses unsweetened chocolate (plus plenty of sugar, don't worry) to make a rich, frosted, fudge-flavored homemade layer cake. If you stay at the Inn & Spa At Cedar Falls -Hocking Hills Lodging near Logan, Ohio, you may get to watch it being baked in their open kitchen.  But if you're staying home,
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Creamy Cheesecake

by TT February 24th, 2014| Desserts, Recipes
creamy cheesecakeLast week our younger daughter turned sixteen.  Her requested birthday menu was a great example of how things change and yet stay the same.  The now 16 year old is the same daughter that used to be vegetarian.  Having returned to the the omnivore's world over a year ago, her requested dinner was hamburgers, with avocado and bacon, and homemade french fries.

She did have some consistency to her dessert request. This year she requested cheesecake, much like she did four years ago.  The cheesecake request did change slightly; it didn't include chocolate.  I checked with her to be
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by Elizabeth Skipper February 12th, 2014| Ask the Chef
crepes sanja gjeneroI want to try making crepes as a dessert on Valentine’s Day. I am comfortable making pancakes and hope that switching to crepes is easy. Before I begin I was wondering if I need a true crepe pan or if my regular frying pan will work? Also, can I just thin my pancake recipe with extra milk, or should I use a different recipe altogether?

Crepes! Oh, I love crepes! I love demonstrating them, teaching them, making them, and of course, eating them. Crepes are versatile, suitable for any course in a meal -- not just dessert --  or great
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Dessert? Don’t be a Gluten!

by James Maynard February 7th, 2014| Video
gluten free cakeGluten-free desserts are increasingly popular, as a growing number of people are adopting diets free of gluten. You can still make delicious desserts, even without using any ingredients containing the substance. Gluten is the protein present in grains, including wheat. So, baking without using the substance can be challenging. In this video, we learn how to quickly and easily make cookie brownies that will have adults and kids licking their lips. We'll also make marble cake (pictured) that will delight everyone in your crowd. If you need to make a gluten-free desert for a party, start by watching this
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Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars

by BnB Finder February 4th, 2014| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
chocolate-chip-toffee-barsThinking of a winter break in sunny California? If you visit Palm Springs, you may get a chance to enjoy these chocolate-rich bars at the Rendezvous Bed and Breakfast. If a trip like that is out of the question, make them at home -- it's easy, and you get all the taste and freshness of baking from scratch. Word to the wise: Remember to set aside a cup of the flour and butter mixture before you add the wet ingredients to the rest of it.  And ask some friends over to help  you eat the bars --
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Zucchini Muffins

by BnB Finder January 14th, 2014| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
zucchini_muffinsStill got some zucchini from last summer in the freezer? Or maybe you just want to bake something extra healthy after all those Christmas cookies, without giving up sweetness. If either is true, try this muffin recipe that features zucchini and carrots shredded into the batter. Walnuts give the muffins a little crunch, and cinnamon and cloves bring the flavor to life. This is a quick and easy from-scratch recipe to brighten a winter day. It comes to us from the Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast in Manitou Springs, Colorado, "voted the best bed and breakfast in
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Using Pastry Bags and Cones

by James Maynard January 10th, 2014| Video
pastry gadgetsUsing pastry bags and cones can turn your home baking into works of art, worthy of any bakery. These simple tools will help you get the most out of any sweet treat you make for your family. There is no reason you can't make fancy designs on cookies, cakes, pastries, or more. Watch this video, and you too can decorate your baked goods with beautiful and festive designs, quickly and easily. There's no need to buy fancy equipment, either. The lessons in this video include how to make all the tools you will need for your home bakery. Bon
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Brownie Pizza

by James Maynard January 3rd, 2014| Video
bpizzaBrownies are a classic dessert, which are also fantastic for late-night snacks. There are few things in the kitchen more delicious than brownies, warm from the oven. The gooey chocolate is a taste treat for people of all ages, and is a nearly-perfect compliment to a glass of milk. Making brownies is not only fun for kids, but decorating them can be even more entertaining! In this video, we learn how to decorate brownies, as well as how to create a brownie pizza. This entertaining treat is both fun and delicious. Watch this video, and learn how to make
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