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Sunny Side Up, Coming Right Up

by Elizabeth Skipper May 14th, 2014| Ask the Chef
I love ordering my eggs sunny side up at restaurants.  However, I don’t know how to cook that at home.  Is it something simple that I could do?  If so, can you explain?

Certainly you can. Why ever not? It is simple; however, there are a few things to keep

Where Does All the Spinach Go?

by Elizabeth Skipper April 30th, 2014| Ask the Chef
I always am surprised when I cook with fresh spinach, instead of frozen.  I have a hard time estimating how much I need.  It seems to reduce by an incredible amount.  Is there a ratio for fresh spinach to cooked spinach (and how much you’ll need per person)? 

Other than
tenderloin usa

Keeping Pork Tenderloin Moist

by Elizabeth Skipper March 5th, 2014| Ask the Chef
How I can I make a pork tenderloin moister? I took mine out of the oven at 145, per USDA guidelines, and it was dry. Help!

I can think of a few reasons why your pork tenderloin was dry, even though you feel you cooked it right. The first one

Kitchen Scales for Better Baking

by Elizabeth Skipper January 22nd, 2014| Ask the Chef
I’ve read a decent amount of articles that encourage the use of a kitchen scale when baking.  Is it a necessary purchase, or can I just be sure to measure carefully with my current set of cups?

How much baking have you been doing, how successfully, and how much baking

Thanksgiving Dinner Part III: The Turkey

by Elizabeth Skipper November 20th, 2013| Ask the Chef
OK, in the last two weeks we've covered planning and the side dishes. This third part of answering the question about hosting Thanksgiving for the first time single-handed will cover the focus of the meal, the turkey itself.

If you've bought a frozen turkey, exercise care thawing it. Otherwise, bacterial
canned tomatoes

Tomatoes: You Can

by Elizabeth Skipper September 18th, 2013| Ask the Chef
I've seen boxes of "canning tomatoes" available at my local farm stand.  Is there anything they can be used for, besides canning?  

In my experience, there are two kinds of "canning tomatoes." One refers to varieties of tomatoes which are particularly suitable for canning, meaning they have a high

Chef Weibull of Velvet Room

by Julia Loschiavo August 15th, 2013| Chef Interviews
Located in San Francisco's Clift Hotel, the Velvet Room provides guests with locally grown ingredients in an elegant atmosphere. Chef Thomas Weibull places high value on seasonal produce, especially those of local farmers who grow fruits and vegetables organically and sustainably. By considering seasonal product to this extent, the

Chef Jarrett and AMP 150

by Julia Loschiavo August 1st, 2013| Chef Interviews
Cleveland, Ohio definitely has plenty of options, but the farm-to-table menu of AMP 150 delivers high-quality food with every option. You can feel good about eating the local and seasonal fare, especially because flavor is absolutely not sacrificed. Executive chef Jeff Jarrett focuses on quality ingredients to
fish grill basket

Grilling Fish: What You Really Need

by Elizabeth Skipper July 24th, 2013| Ask the Chef
I would like to cook fish on the grill during this hot weather. However, I don't own a special fish grill basket. Is it possible to cook fish without one?

Special baskets just for fish were created to avoid one of the biggest hurdles to successfully cooking fish on a grill,
chef lisa

Chef Lisa Sellars and Her Island Paradise Garden

by Julia Loschiavo July 11th, 2013| Chef Interviews
Located on the beautiful British Virgin Islands, the Peter Island Resort & Spa offers two restaurants on its tranquil and welcoming property. Between the upscale Tradewinds restaurant and the relaxed Deadman's Beach Bar & Grill, Chef Lisa Sellars uses garden-grown produce to create

Chef Erin Wade on Farming and Vinaigrette

by Julia Loschiavo July 4th, 2013| Chef Interviews
Located in Santa Fe, NM, Vinaigrette is a salad bistro that relies heavily on fresh-grown produce for its creative, healthy, and delicious menu. Whether it be from Chef Erin Wade's farm or other local sources, every salad and menu item is sure to contain the freshest fruits and vegetables

Spatulas — Not All Created Equal

by Elizabeth Skipper July 3rd, 2013| Techniques, Tools, and Tips
Knowing what I wanted to write about this week, I asked my daughter while she was here what her favorite spatula was. "The blue one I had when I lived in my last place," she answered without hesitation. Ah, so she clearly had a preference. I asked what made
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