Saratoga Garlic

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | February 9th, 2010 | Tasty Thoughts

As I mentioned the other week, the Boston Wine Expo sn’t just about wine. There are many tasty snacks and sweets to sample, which makes the expo a well-rounded culinary delight.

On day two of our visit to the expo we discovered several wonderful, new-to-us foods.  The first was a decadent sweet, Wheeler’s Black Label Sorbets.  The second was a wonderful balance to this treat, Saratoga Garlic.  As their name suggests, this company sells pickled garlic and a line of aiolis.

Saratoga Garlic was formed fifteen years ago in Saratoga Springs, New York, at Homestead View Farm, which is a certified organic grower.  All of the garlic for their products still is grown there.

The first product introduced by this company was the Lemon Dill Pickled Garlic. With a satisfying crunch and a zesty flavor, it would make a wonderful part of an antipasto platter or a delicious garnish for a martini.

Saratoga Garlic also has a line of aiolis, all of which were released at the same time.  The five sauces are:  Homestead Aioli (the original), Wasabi-Horseradish Aioli, Curry Aioli, Sambal Aioli and Saffron Aioli.  I sampled the Homestead and Saffron aiolis and found both of them to be quite flavorful just served on top of a cracker.  Of course, these aiolis would be a terrific addition to many dishes, such as topping roasted vegetables or used as a spread on a sandwich.

Saratoga Garlic is a growing company.  They have plans to create new aioli recipes and a line of garlic-infused oils and vinegars.  More tasty garlic treats loom in my future!

  1. George Weaver says:

    FYI, From what I can tell Saratoga Garlic is out of business, e.g., their website has been taken down as of 3/1/2010.

  2. Michele says:

    I spoke with the owner of Saratoga Garlic, Bill Higgins, and am relieved to let Think Tasty readers know that the company is alive and well!

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