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CD Earth Releases 10,001 Greatest Food Recipes with Recipe Manager Software

by TT October 25th, 2007 | Food News
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CD Earth, LLC, (http://www.cdearth.com) is excited to announce the release of 10,001 Greatest Recipes CD with bonus recipe manager software, now available for Windows PC.

Tasty Thoughts recently spoke with a representative of CD Earth about this new collection.

Q: How did you determine the Top 10,001 recipes?

A: We tried to determine what we would like and what we would want to serve at our own tables. We tried to have a wide mix including about a third international recipes so people can experiment with foods they may not normally be exposed to.

Q: How can a user get the CD?

A: They can order it directly from our website:


Customers can actually order the Recipes CD or any of our other CDs  for free. There is a small $2.96 shipping & processing fee to receive 2 free CDs. Basically, we’re trying to introduce customer to our Software Library Club. We send them 4 CDs in the first set – 2 of which are free for trying the Club. They can test the other 2 CDs for free for 25 days. You can find more info on the Club at http://www.cdearth.com/terms_conditions.htm

Q: How long did it take to determine the Top 10,001 Recipes?

A: This was probably a 2 months effort.

Read the entire release on the CD Earth Greatest Food Recipes.

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