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Strawberry Rhubarb Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler June 19th, 2018| Recipes, Salads, Tapas Monday

A delicious duo of spring produce

As spring draws to an end in New Hampshire, we have some local produce available. With a winter that stretched well into March, seeing freshly picked fruits and veggies in the market is exciting. Rhubarb and fiddleheads are among the first produce items

Healthy Thai Salad with Chicken

by Michele Pesula Kuegler June 7th, 2018| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Salads

Why can't cabbage be the base for a salad?

When I think about creating a new green salad, I usually begin with romaine, kale, or some other version of lettuce. As I considered making a Thai style salad, my mind went to cabbage. Don't ask me why, but I

Blueberry & Chicken Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler June 5th, 2018| Recipes, Salads

A berry-licious entrée salad

One of the things that I love about summer is the omnipresence of salads. Although I enjoy salads throughout the year, they appear less frequently on the menu in cooler months. Who really wants a big salad for dinner when there's a snowstorm raging outside?

Citrus Brussels Sprout Slaw

by Michele Pesula Kuegler May 8th, 2018| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Salads

Who knew that oranges could be such a good part of slaw?

Just two weeks ago I was writing about ch-alad, my original creation of a combined chili salad, which was perfect for the chilly yet warm days of spring. And now here we are in May, and the

Kale & Quinoa Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler May 1st, 2018| Recipes, Salads

All sorts of yumminess in one dish.

One of the things that I like about this salad is its flexibility in serving temperature. Make it early in the day and let it hang out in the fridge until dinner, and it's delicious as a chilled salad. Make it when

Mexican Black Bean Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler April 24th, 2018| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Salads

An easy side dish to accompany tacos.

As I reread the intro to this recipe, I laughed to myself that my go-to when my husband travels is to cook with legumes. The theme of cooking with legumes and for myself seems to be omnipresent. I've always loved time in
cranberry vinaigrette

Recipe: Cranberry Vinaigrette

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 5th, 2017| Recipes, Salads, Spreads & Sauces
Fresh cranberries are available in most grocery stores during the fall and through New Year's. Every year I say that I will buy a few extra bags and freeze them, but I always forget to do so. However, what I do manage to do is buy them frequently and

Flavors of Fall Brussels Sprout Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 9th, 2017| Main Dishes, Recipes, Salads, Vegetarian
I really enjoy brussels sprouts, as do my husband and children. There are a fairly regular side dish in our menu. Whether they're simply sauteed with some lemon zest or balsamic vinegar, they are a veggie we all enjoy. However, sometimes I like to take this vegetable and transform it
autumn inspired salad

Recipe: Autumn-Inspired Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler October 26th, 2017| Main Dishes, Recipes, Salads
When I first had children, I imagined all of the Halloween treats that I could make. Pumpkin-shaped cookies, Halloween-themed cakes, and other treats came to my mind. Sure, I made a few of these for school parties, but then I realized that there already was an abundance of treats

Warm Butternut Apple Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler September 18th, 2017| Recipes, Salads

Fall flavors + pancetta = yum

I'm in the midst of seasonal transitions here in New Hampshire, as many of you probably are. Last week it was so chilly at night that I thought about closing the windows. (I didn't but added a blanket. There's something about a cool

Creamy Cucumber and Pea Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 28th, 2017| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Salads, Vegetarian

Nice and creamy, but also nice and healthy.

Yes, I know. I have a fixation with healthy foods. I frequently am thinking of ways to convert recipes from high fat, high calorie dishes into slimmer, trimmer dishes while keeping lots of flavor. I can admit that sometimes you just

Asparagus Feta Lemon Salad

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 14th, 2017| Recipes, Salads

Asparagus, meet your new best friends, feta and lemon!

Every year for our anniversary I create a multi-course meal to celebrate the occasion. The only definite part of the menu is dessert, which is wedding cake with fruit filling and buttercream frosting. I shoot for a minimum of five
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