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Keep Calm & Eat a Cupcake. . .or Two

by Gabriella Servello August 19th, 2013| Restaurant Reviews, Restaurants
Cupcake ConspiracyAs a cupcake lover, I enjoy discovering new bakeries in southern New Hampshire. About two years ago, a cupcake place opened in my hometown called The Cupcake Conspiracy. Since I drive by it quite frequently, I decided to stop in on my day off to treat myself to a cupcake or two.

Immediately upon walking through the front door, I decided that I would become a frequent visitor. Between the cupcake decorations around the bakery and the pastel yellow walls, a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere was created.

With my stomach already craving cupcakes, I walked directly over to the
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Jones Wood Foundry, New York, NY

by TT March 25th, 2013| Restaurant Reviews, Restaurants
jones_wood_foundry_dining_roomWhat's a good way to follow a night of delicious dining?  A lazy morning strolling the city streets, followed by a tasty brunch in the early afternoon!  Unfortunately, it was a cold Sunday morning and, as we knew, there weren't many shops open, so the stroll was more of a brisk walk.  Arriving at Jones Wood Foundry slightly before our one o'clock reservation was definitely the prize at the end of our journey.

We were seated in a corner booth in the back of the restaurant.  These seats gave us a great view of the room and its decor. 
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The Quarter, New York, NY

by TT March 22nd, 2013| Restaurant Reviews, Restaurants
the_quarter_dining_room_toward_wine_wallRecently my husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Manhattan for a mix of work and fun, which included some time there during the weekend.  With more free time than a typical business trip, we were able to enjoy several dining experiences in the city.  Our first was on a Saturday night.  Traveling from our Midtown lodging, we cabbed down to the West Village for dinner at The Quarter.

We arrived promptly for our eight o'clock reservation and were seated immediately.  The restaurant had a cozy, intimate feel with its wood and wine decor.  We were introduced
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From Kitchen to Market

by TT October 15th, 2012| Restaurant News
Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, New Hampshire, has been a favorite dining location for my husband and me since it opened in November 2010.  For us this restaurant is the perfect combination of dining elements:  highly attentive customer service, delicious, freshly prepared foods, well appointed decor.  Whether visiting Tuscan Kitchen for a weekend afternoon appetizer, a multi-course dinner, or a late night cocktail, we have had only exceptional experiences.

Thus, when owner Joe Faro decided to embark on another culinary project, I was more than eager to view and experience.  The new project is Tuscan Market, which is located next
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Peddler’s Village, Earl’s Buck County

by TT August 27th, 2012| Restaurant News
This year Peddler's Village is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary.  This colonial style shopping and dining destination, located in Buck's County, Pennsylvania, welcomes 1.5 million visitors each year.  Covering forty-two acres, it is home to sixty-five specialty shops, the Golden Plough Inn, Giggleberry Fair family entertainment, twelve annual food festivals and seasonal events, and six restaurants.

One of the newer restaurants in Peddler's Village is Earl's Buck County.  This farm to table restaurant, which serves lunch and dinner, was created by the team of Director of Restaurants Jim Perillo, General Manager David Zuckerman and Executive Chef Chris Tavares.  Working with
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Mr. Mac’s

by TT Jr. August 8th, 2012| Chef Interviews, Restaurant News
The other week I had an interview with the co-owners of Mr. Mac, Valerie Anderson and Patrick Cain.  Mr. Mac is a mac and cheese restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire.

TT Jr: When did you first decide you wanted to cook?

VA: I have been cooking ever since I was a little girl. In junior high school I received the Crisco award for home economics.  I also cooked with my grandmother as child a lot.  It has always been something I enjoyed doing.

TT Jr: Why did you decide to only cook mac and cheese?

VA: This is my brother’s and my
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Salvatore’s, Boston, MA

by TT July 30th, 2012| Restaurant News
If you're heading into Boston to dine, many people consider the option of Italian food in the North End.  While there are many, many fine restaurants from which to choose in that one neighborhood, there are other good destinations for Italian food elsewhere in the city.  One such place is Salvatore's.  With four locations in Massachusetts, two of which are in Boston (Theatre District and Seaport), they provide an excellent alternative to the North End.

Last Friday, I visited the Seaport location and was able to meet with Executive Chef Victor Paone.  In addition to overseeing the kitchens at
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Dessert at Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

by TT July 2nd, 2012| Restaurant Reviews
Typically when I review a restaurant, I like to sample several dishes.  As regular readers can recall, quite often I write about the lengthy meals that cover everything from the amuse bouche to dessert.  This review is quite different in that we only ate one course at this restaurant.  Not only was it just one course, my husband and I ordered the same dessert, which almost never happens.  However, this was one of the best desserts I have eaten at a restaurant.

A few Mondays ago, my husband and I were in New York City on business travel.  We had
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Chef Grace Nguyen

by TT June 28th, 2012| Restaurant News
If you are like most adults, you probably have times when your day is too busy to prepare dinner.  Unfortunately, quite often you are left with poor choices, such as greasy takeout meals or a cookie cutter of a dinner at a chain restaurant.  If you live in the Bay Area, you are fortunate in that you have a much better option.  Asian Box, located in Palo Alto, offers its diners fresh, healthy dishes that can be eaten at the restaurant or taken home.

We were able to speak with Chef Grace Nguyen, who not only is the executive
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Boqueria Flatiron, New York, NY

by TT June 25th, 2012| Restaurant Reviews
Summer has returned, and with it, so has my increase in business travel.  With a little bit of coordination, my husband and I usually are able to schedule our business travels so that they align for the same dates in the same city.  Last week was our first week of such travels, which we started with meetings in New York City.  There are many wonderful things about traveling to NYC, but one of my favorite features is the wide array of restaurants available- all open late into the night.

As our travel had us in New York on a Monday
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Sun BBQ Rib Cook Off

by TT June 8th, 2012| Restaurant News
Last weekend, Mohegan Sun held its first annual Sun BBQ Fest.  Although Mother Nature interfered with the sun part of the BBQ Fest, spirits were bright at the event.  Attending the event on Saturday afternoon, there was a large crowd despite the lingering clouds and mist.  As the individual barbecue booths opened, long lines formed immediately.

In addition to the barbecue booths, there were many other attractions.  When we arrived the main stage was preparing for the rib eating contest, while a hamburger demonstration took place on the demo stage.  Additionally, there were a number of vendors and food options. 
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Corner Stable, Cockeysville, MD

by TT May 21st, 2012| Restaurant Reviews
As I started writing this review, I realized that some of our restaurant choices during our mid-Atlantic trip seem inconsiderate toward our vegetarian.  The reason I thought this is that the Corner Stable is a barbecue restaurant.  However, in my experience, many barbecue places have a decent fish dish on the menu, and our daughter enjoys fish.  For the rest of us, slowly cooked, smoky meats were our lure.

Like any area, there are debates over which restaurant has the best Italian, best barbecue, etc.  Corner Stable is one of two in the Baltimore area known for its barbecue.  Decorated
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