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Summer Chicken Sandwich- in a Crock Pot

by TT September 1st, 2014| Recipes, Sandwiches
summer chickenI never used to think of the crock pot as an appliance to be used in the summer. Crock pots bring to mind cold winter days with a hearty stew or chili simmering.  Recently I read a suggestion to use crock pots more in the summer because they don't heat the house like an oven.  Definitely a good point!

The big question was, What would I cook in the crock pot? Being summer I didn't want a hearty stew but the filling for a sandwich would work quite well.  Most of the sandwich fillings that I make in the crock
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Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

by TT Jr. November 28th, 2012| Recipes, Sandwiches
I thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving. It is a holiday dedicated to just giving back.  A time when the whole family can get together and celebrate without expecting to receive anything but food and love.  It is the one holiday that brings everyone together.  It doesn't matter if you rarely see each other, the whole family still gets together and eats a home cooked meal without caring about who can give the best presents.  The other great thing is how much food there is leftover.  Nobody ever knows what to do with it, but my favorite thing is to make sandwiches. 
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Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers

by TT May 24th, 2010| Recipes, Sandwiches
With the arrival of beautiful weather comes the start of grilling season.  We enjoy grilling all sorts of things, including burgers.  And while you can't go wrong with a perfectly cooked burger topped with your favorite condiments, it is fun to think outside the box sometimes.

So, last week I decided that we would have burgers, just not the sort made with beef; that seemed too mundane.  I wanted a sandwich that looked like a burger but had its own unique taste.  Ground chicken seemed like the perfect vehicle for this quest.  Unlike ground veal or pork, which some might confuse
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Summer in a Wrap

by TT January 27th, 2010| Recipes, Sandwiches
It's cold.

Does that summarize winter in New England well enough?  I could write a lengthy paragraph about all of the annoying parts of winter here, but there's really no need to exert that much effort.  I think my simple sentence conveys my thoughts well enough.

Most nights I try to erase the chilliness of winter with hot meals that consist of soups that have simmered on the stove all afternoon or a roast that braised in the oven all day long.  However, sometimes I take a different approach to try and make the season of ice and snow disappear-- a little
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Tropical Wrap

by TT October 7th, 2009| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Sandwiches
Tropical WrapAs I mentioned recently, braised meats tend to be a fairly common dinner item in our house as of late.  However, that doesn't mean that there are leftovers, which is unfortunate.  I thoroughly enjoy having wraps for lunch and find that leftover braised chicken or beef makes a great starting point for a wrap.

Last week, we had Pulled Coconut Chicken for dinner, and even with eight of us dining, we had a decent amount left.  With coconut chicken in mind, I headed to the grocery store to find other fillings for my wrap.  To compliment the coconut flavor, I
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Apple & Cheddar Melt

by TT September 7th, 2009| Recipes, Sandwiches
apple & cheese meltThe kids have returned to school, and summer is nearing its end, which means that apple season has arrived in New England.  Although apples are readily available all year long, none are as tasty as an apple that is eaten the same day that it is picked.

Of course, we eat apples right off the tree, but we enjoy finding new ways to serve them.  I have used apples for salsa, pies, wraps, and crisps.  The other week I decided to use the first apples of the season in an open-faced melt.

This sandwich had multiple inspirations.  First, Paula Red
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Thai Chicken Wrap

by TT August 11th, 2009| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Sandwiches
Thai Chicken WrapSummer can be such a short season in New England.  This year it seems like it may be very short after the cool, rainy start summer had.  However, days of temps in the 80s and extra humidity have arrived, making summer's presence well known.

While some may complain that it's too hot and sticky, I enjoy this weather.  It's the sort of weather that makes you appreciate an ice cold drink and a light dinner.  Much like I look forward to a snowstorm in winter for baking homemade bread and slowly simmering a pot of soup, so do I anticipate the
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by TT July 20th, 2009| Recipes, Sandwiches
Gyro 2Recently, my husband and I have had more time to cook together on weekends.  With less travel and fewer kid events due to summer, we have had more opportunities to experiment with new ingredients and recipes.  As we both enjoy cooking, it has been a wonderful way to spend our free time.

After starting a Saturday morning watching food television, we were ready to do some cooking of our own.  Having seen a feature on Greek food, we both were craving lamb and feta.  The simple answer to this craving was to make gyros.  We had lamb in our freezer and
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Trio Wrap-Panini

by TT March 4th, 2009| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Sandwiches
apple-slicesMy husband loves sandwiches, especially paninis.  So that he could create his own panini combinations at home, I bought a panini pan and press for him at Christmas.  It was love at first sight.

Since then, our entire family has used it for various lunches and dinners.  However, I am not a big fan of sandwiches made with bread, as they tend to be heavy and filling.  I prefer to make wraps.  But just because I like wraps doesn't mean that I want a cold sandwich.

My challenging requests for a sandwich led me to my creation of a wrap-panini.  Using flatbread,
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Taste of Hawaii Chicken Salad

by TT February 3rd, 2009| Recipes, Salads, Sandwiches
view-from-end-of-awaawapuhiWinter continues in New Hampshire.   As I write this post, I am watching both snowflakes and temperature drop.  With multiple snowstorms and ice storms already occurring, winter feels long this year.

I know, I live in New Hampshire; we are supposed to have cold temperatures and snow-covered yards.  If I were to live somewhere tropical, I would miss watching snowflakes glide to the ground and seeing light shimmering on an icicle.  However, sometimes it is nice to visualize a warmer climate for a little while.

Last week I decided to bring a tropical feel to our house via dinner.  Having bought a
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Slightly Spicy Spread

by TT November 6th, 2008| Recipes, Sandwiches, Spreads & Sauces
In the last couple years, I have developed a liking for a variety of fish.  I used to crinkle my nose at the thought of dinner at a seafood restaurant.  However, as I have sampled different kinds of seafood, I have found many to be appealing.

Cooking for a family, I like to expose our children to new dishes to broaden their dining horizons also.  However, I know that if I jump into new foods too quickly, it can result in displeasure.  Therefore, I have different strategies that I use when presenting a new dish.  Sometimes it is the reward of
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Michele’s Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

by TT October 28th, 2008| Recipes, Sandwiches
After a very big dinner at an Italian restaurant on Saturday, neither of us were hungry for breakfast the next morning.  However, as the morning passed, our appetites awakened.  Being a Sunday with not much on our schedule, we decided to do a little grocery shopping in the morning and make sandwiches for lunch.

Typically, a sandwich conjures thoughts of two pieces of bread with a little bit of filling.  Well. . .that isn't quite what we had in mind.  As we didn't go to the grocery store until 11, our feeling of not being hungry was far gone.  And being
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