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sweet corn tomato salad

Sweet Corn & Tomato Salad

by TT August 3rd, 2015| Recipes, Salads
Through the first half of this summer, I've been to a number of cookouts. The one thing they all have in common is the preponderance of salads. However, most of the salads I've seen are the mayonnaise-coated persuasion- pasta, potato, cole slaw. I understand that these are traditional summer
Warm Carrot Quinoa Salad

Warm Carrot & Quinoa Salad

by TT June 15th, 2015| Recipes, Salads
It's the beginning of June, which means technically it's still spring but mentally we all view it as summer. If you live in New Hampshire, as I do, Mother Nature likes to provide reminders as to what season it truly is. Last week I had an evening alone and
chicken strawberry salad

Chicken & Strawberry Salad Sandwich

by TT May 18th, 2015| Recipes, Salads, Sandwiches
At our house we are huge fans of chicken salad sandwiches. In fact, they make a regular appearance in our summer menu. For us, chicken salad is an individual item. So, on chicken salad nights, there are chicken breasts, binding ingredient (mayo, yogurt, etc.), and an assortment of add-ins

Warm Asparagus Salad

by TT May 11th, 2015| Recipes, Salads
I have used asparagus as the topping of many a green salad. Steamed and cut into bite-sized pieces, it is a nice change of pace from pepper strips and cherry tomatoes. What I hadn't done was used the asparagus as the star of the salad. As they say, there's
Raw Kale Salad

Raw Kale Salad from Rabbit Hill Inn

by BnB Finder August 12th, 2014| Best BnB Bites, Recipes, Salads
Kale has been a fad ingredient for the past couple years.  Although it is on many restaurant menus, there's a decent chance that it isn't making many home dinner menus successfully.  Kale can be a tricky ingredient to incorporate.  Cooked or prepared incorrectly, and you will turn your family
shrimp avocado cocktail

Shrimp & Avocado Cocktail- An Indulgent Start to Dinner

by TT July 28th, 2014| Appetizers, Recipes, Salads
July has been the month of cold dishes.  Icy cold from the refrigerator, refreshing on the palate sort of dishes. I will end this month with another delightfully cooling dish, but this one is special.  It isn't an any night of the week dish (at least in my opinion.)  Rather

Strawberry Rhubarb Salad

by TT June 30th, 2014| Recipes, Salads, Tapas Monday
We end the month of June with one final salad recipe.  This salad is different than the other four recipes that I shared this month; it is a side salad.  It definitely can't have a protein added to make it a heartier meal, at least in my opinion.  For
blueberry chicken salad

Blueberry & Chicken Salad

by TT June 23rd, 2014| Recipes, Salads
I love salad. It truly is one of my favorite things to eat.  I don't mean that in a typical girl, "I only eat salad" sort of way.  I mean it, as in it is a go-to item that I order at many restaurants.  Caesar salad probably is my
kale quinoa salad

Kale & Quinoa Salad

by TT June 16th, 2014| Recipes, Salads
Kale and quinoa are both newer to me ingredients.  I have cooked with both of them for only a handful of years.  As they are more recent additions to my cooking repertoire, I always am seeking new ways to utilize them.  This salad was a fabulous discovery, as it

Taco Salad

by TT June 9th, 2014| Recipes, Salads
This salad is a long-time family favorite, as in it is a recipe that I enjoyed when I was a child.  If I remember correctly, my aunt gave it to my mom, and it became a salad that was made on a semi-regular basis by my mom.  When I
chicken broccoli couscous salad

Chicken Broccoli Couscous Salad

by TT June 2nd, 2014| Recipes, Salads
My cooking is seasonal.  I don't mean that I only cook items that can be locally sourced at that time of year but rather that I cook based on the weather. For example, winter is the time for stews, soups, and crockpot dinners.  My mom finds this style of

Carrot & Dried Cranberry Salad

by TT September 30th, 2013| Recipes, Salads
Last Sunday, the favorite NFL teams in our household were both playing at 1:00 pm.  The Patriots game would be watched on tv, and the Ravens game would be followed online.  So, with this simultaneous double header and everyone home, a round of snacks were in order.  On the
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