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stuffed mushrooms

Recipe: Hemp Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms

by BnB Finder December 25th, 2015| Best BnB Bites
A new year means new experiences. Of course our favorites are of the culinary kind, so we thought the best way to usher in 2016 is to start with an innovative and fresh appetizer that will tantalize the taste buds of any palate. We think these Hemp Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms
avocado garlic dip

Recipe: Avocado and Roasted Garlic Dip

by Jane Wangersky December 23rd, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Musing on appetizers for New Year’s Eve, I thought of that old favorite, chips (or crackers, or raw vegetables) with dip. To invent one of those, I’d have to start with sour cream and/or mayonnaise . . . Suddenly I wondered why. It’s not as if those are the only
raspberry jalapeno spread

Recipe: Raspberry Jalapeno Spread

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 22nd, 2015| Appetizers, Recipes, Spreads & Sauces
We are amidst the holiday season, and by this time you may be feeling worn of cooking for seasonal get-togethers. And yet, there's still more to come. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve- they all loom ahead, filled with fun and food. At this point, the idea of buying
cranberry pancakes

Recipe: Cranberry Almond Caramel Pancakes

by BnB Finder December 18th, 2015| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
Christmas morning is a magical time where good times and gifts are shared and savored. Of course breakfast plays a big part in all of the festive fun because you need to start the big day in an energizing and enticing way. At Loganberry Inn in Fulton, MO, an
jane's breakfast potatoes

Recipe: Christmas Breakfast Potatoes

by Jane Wangersky December 16th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
What makes this dish great for Christmas morning? The same thing that makes it great for (an occasional) dinner: It’s quick, easy, and delicious. It’s also got sour cream, cheese, and a crispy topping. What more do you need to feel festive? Well, besides the presents and the tree

Recipe: Cheesy Grits with Apple & Ham

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 15th, 2015| Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
When I think of Christmas morning breakfast, I usually think of items that can be made or prepped the night before so that they are ready for early rising children and the excitement of present opening. However, that isn't always the case at our house. With a blended family, some
cranberry pecan bread (400x400)

Recipe: Cranberry Pecan White Chocolate Bread

by BnB Finder December 11th, 2015| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
If sweet potatoes are the vegetable ambassador of Thanksgiving, then cranberries make the ideal "pick" for fruit. They add plenty of festive color and flavor to every feast and take dishes up a notch in decadence. While they are an awesome addition to salads, stuffing, and of course, as
cran oat bars (400x400)

Recipe: Cranberry Oat Bars

by Jane Wangersky December 9th, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
Cranberries are so tart in their untouched state that we’re always adding things to sweeten them up. Dried cranberries, however, have already been sweetened so much in the processing that we have to be careful not to add much sweet stuff to any dish we’re making with them. (Though,
potato pancake (400x400)

Recipe: Potato Veggie Pancakes

by BnB Finder December 4th, 2015| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
The Festival Lights is almost upon us! The eight-day celebration of Hanukkah calls for plenty of presents, fun, and of course, fabulous food. One of the staples of the occasion is latkes (potato pancakes), and there are a variety of ways to make them enticing. Take for example, these
potato pancakes (400x400)

Recipe: Potato Pancakes

by Jane Wangersky December 2nd, 2015| Recipes, Simple Solutions
How did potato pancakes (latkes) come to be part of Hanukkah? Not being Jewish (despite what people thought when we first moved here and didn’t have time to put up the Christmas lights), I had to look this up. Turns out it’s all about the oil -- the oil
cranberry hootycreek cookies (400x400)

Recipe: Cranberry Hootycreek Cookies

by BnB Finder November 27th, 2015| Best BnB Bites, Recipes
C is for cookies - and that's good enough for us! Not only are these tantalizing treats the most dependable desserts we know, they are also the most diverse. You can include any ingredient you dream of when you endeavor to design the perfect cookie. Depending on what entices
cookie dough snacks

Recipe: “Cookie Dough” Snacks

by Jane Wangersky November 26th, 2015| Party Snacks, Recipes
We may never know how much of the cookie dough in people’s kitchens -- whether they mixed it themselves or bought it ready made -- makes it into the oven. Raw cookie dough is one of those things everyone knows they shouldn’t eat, but most people will eat at