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Mom’s Barbecue

by TK October 16th, 2007| Main Dishes, Recipes
The fact is that my mom was never a great cook. Growing up we ate a lot of takeout food and a lot of things that came from a box. As a kid you don't really care about such things, takeout food and things from a box are some of

Crazy Hawaiian Pizza

by Michele Pesula Kuegler October 10th, 2007| Main Dishes, Recipes
On a recent trip to our favorite grocery store, my dinner companion and I decided to check out all the varities of chicken sausage. We noticed an odd flavor sausage: mango chicken sausage. As we were commenting on its uniqueness, a clerk at the store mentioned that it made
Mexican Flag

Doris’s Mexican Mix

by Michele Pesula Kuegler September 15th, 2007| Main Dishes, Recipes
We all have long-time friends. People we've known for a decade or two with whom you can share almost anything. I am fortunate enough not only to have friends like that but also to work with one of them. We get the benefit of seeing each other during our workdays