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Blueberry Salsa-Topped Chicken

by Michele Pesula Kuegler July 10th, 2008| Healthy Cooking, Main Dishes, Recipes
Looking for an interesting Saturday night dinner, we decided to try a dish that had fruit included.  Although native blueberries weren't quite ready, we knew we would be shopping at Whole Foods and decided that we would be able to find some decent produce there.

So, this past Saturday, with just
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Wilted Spinach

by Michele Pesula Kuegler February 8th, 2008| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Side Dishes
Thursday was a busy afternoon in our house. With both of the adults having appointments in the afternoon, we knew that dinner would need to be an easy to prepare meal. Trying to eat healthier meals, we didn't want to go the fast food route.

Having 2 of the 4 kids
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Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 21st, 2007| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Side Dishes
Brussels sprouts.  Just the name alone can make people say, "No, thank you," to a dinner invitation.  Probably one of the least liked veggies for kids, it is a tasty side dish for many meals.  I learned just how unpopular this vegetable is at the grocery store the other day. 

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 11th, 2007| Breakfast Dishes, Drinks, Healthy Cooking, Recipes
With the holiday season upon us, many of us let our good eating habits fall by the wayside. There are temptations everywhere you cookies, eggnog, fried latkes.

To balance these tasty munchies, I try to make meals using more healthy recipes. Quite often I do that by having a high
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Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 5th, 2007| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Soups & Stews
Saturday was cold and rainy. After a busy morning wrangling 4 kids into smiling for photos, it was a good afternoon to stay home. The kids were content to run around, play video classic games, and attack each other with foam dart guns. Therefore, except for being needed as

Best Breakfast Wrap

by Michele Pesula Kuegler August 27th, 2007| Breakfast Dishes, Healthy Cooking, Recipes
With the week of vacation ending, a healthy diet is required.   Too many mornings of full breakfasts and too many nights of large dinners have encouraged me to return to my usual healthy eating.

Never having been a person who is able to skip meals, I always eat breakfast.  Sometimes it

Big Jake’s Lettuce Wraps

by Michele Pesula Kuegler July 28th, 2007| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Sandwiches
With July coming to an end, it's the perfect time to spend a day at the beach. Have the kids put on their swimsuits, grab any toys they want, pack some snacks, and we're off for a day of fun. The day is enjoyed by all. The kids get to

Summer Salad with Strawberries

by Michele Pesula Kuegler July 4th, 2007| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Salads
The end of June is a great time to pick strawberries in New England.  These berries are ripe and prevalent at this time of year.  On a recent weekend morning, my children and I went to a local pick your own farm and in less than 30 minutes had harvested five pounds