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From Scratch Monkey Bread

by TT December 2nd, 2013| Breads, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
monkey breadI remember the first time that I tried monkey bread.  I asked for the recipe and was told that I probably didn't want to know.  Being a person who enjoys baking, I asked again and was told, "A couple cans of biscuits, a whole stick of butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a lot of sugar."  That didn't stop me from making the recipe at home; a little indulgence doesn't hurt every once in a while.

I haven't made monkey bread in close to a decade.  I get more frequent requests for bagels, cinnamon rolls, and scones.  Nearing the end
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Pumpkin Scones

by TT November 18th, 2013| Breads, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
pumpkin_sconeI've been baking scones for at least a decade.  Over this time I have experimented with different ingredients.  I've made chocolate chip, cinnamon chip, blueberry white chocolate, maple oatmeal, even savory ham and cheese scones.  However, I never have thought to incorporate one of my favorite ingredients, pumpkin.  I don't know why this is, seeing that once summer ends we are inundated with ads for pumpkin everything.

Whatever the reason, last Sunday I finally made the decision to combine my favorite breakfast treat with one of my favorite ingredients.  I do like texture in my scones, so I knew
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Breakfast Corn Chowder with Poached Eggs

by BnB Finder October 8th, 2013| Best BnB Bites, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
BreakfastCornChowderHere's another dish most of us have never thought of as breakfast -- very different from Tropical Breakfast Sorbet, but just as inviting -- Breakfast Corn Chowder with Poached Eggs. It's like bacon, eggs, and hash browns with an extra touch of creamy warmth. This hearty dish is just the thing to set you up for a day of cross-country skiing or hiking in the Vermont woods that it comes from. The Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford, VT, is the perfect place for a getaway from the phone, Internet, and TV (though the first
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Zucchini Bread Pancakes

by TT October 7th, 2013| Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
zucchini_bread_pancakeIf we have a Sunday morning in which the teens are at home and there's no need to rush out the door, I enjoy making a hearty breakfast.  Quite often I will solicit a request from the teens or my husband, making the decision of what to make so much easier.  However, last Sunday I knew what I wanted to try- a new version of pancakes.

My good friend and I used to dine at a local restaurant that always had creative pancake recipes on the menu.  Unfortunately that restaurant went out of business, and I have yet to find
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Egg White Quiche

by TT September 9th, 2013| Breakfast Dishes, Main Dishes, Recipes, Tapas Monday
egg_white_quicheAs the summer wound down, our family had a small handful of travels in store.  First, there was the trip to Saratoga with my husband. Then there was the long weekend trip with the kids to tour a college and goof off.  Finally, there was a last minute Labor Day weekend trip to Vermont.  During these trips, there were instances of indulgent dining: an afternoon cocktail and a delicious snack; the polo match picnic followed by ice cream cones; the multi-course gourmet dinner.  The list contains a few more, but the theme is apparent.

So, by the end of August,
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Cherry Almond Pancakes

by TT July 29th, 2013| Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
cherry_almond_pancakesPancakes are a favorite breakfast dish in our house, both for the maker and the eaters.  As the maker, I like pancakes because they are quick to make, easy to clean up, and can be modified individually.  Even though they're a simple dish, it still gives me the warm-fuzzy feeling from making food for someone else.  The eaters like them because they can have chocolate chips as part of their breakfast.  (Note: Said eaters would be the children of the house.  The adults prefer fruits to chocolate.)

Last Sunday, I decided to make a batch of pancakes, but I wanted
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Fabulous French Toast

by TT May 13th, 2013| Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
french toastYesterday I was treated to breakfast in bed by my kids.  This is a long-standing tradition, as they started making breakfast for me as soon as they were old enough work at the counter.  Although they now are high school students that love sleeping late, they still set their alarms on Mother's Day so that they can make me breakfast at a reasonable hour (i.e. 9:00 am).  This breakfast is all the present I need, regardless to what they serve.

Of course, their menu has changed over the years.  One of the most memorable years they made had a variety
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Maple Oatmeal Scones

by TT March 4th, 2013| Breads, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
maple_oatmeal_sconeScones are one of the most often requested breakfast treats in our house.  On a weekend morning, they are both a treat and a simple item to make.  As opposed to cinnamon rolls or bagels, which require kneading and rising, scones are made simply with a little mixing and baking.  For this minimal effort, we receive a delicious baked good.

Typically when I make scones I make two varieties:  chocolate chip for the kids and blueberry/white chocolate for my husband and me.  However, the other weekend I decided to try something new.  With just two of the kids and myself
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Apple Cheddar Muffins

by TT February 25th, 2013| Breads, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
apple_cheddar_muffinSnowed inside for about 24 hours during the blizzard, we enjoyed a homemade breakfast of sweet and savory breads.  Last week I shared the recipe for Cinnamon Marbled Quick Bread.  This week I have the recipe for the Apple Cheddar Muffins.

This recipe was a creation of what was on hand.  I hadn't bought specific baking items, as I hadn't been certain we'd have power once the storm arrived.  So, after a little bit of investigating in the pantry and refrigerator, I decided that the combination of sweet apple and sharp cheddar cheese would make a muffin that would
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Christmas Breakfast

by TT December 10th, 2012| Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
On Christmas morning, breakfast often becomes a distant thought.  The kids are immersed in opening and enjoying new presents.  Parents are busy watching, photographing, and videotaping the morning's events.  Of course, gift wraps and gifts can appease the appetite for only so long.  Then it becomes time to find some real sustenance.  However, who wants to undertake the process of cooking a big breakfast when this is the perfect morning to enjoy?

This week's holiday recipe comes from John Frazzetta, who has been a music and beer columnist for PKP since the very beginning.  John explains, "This recipe was
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Incredibly Simple Hash Browns

by TT October 22nd, 2012| Breakfast Dishes, Recipes, Side Dishes
Last week I experienced a cooking failure.  Planning to make a ham dinner, I decided to try my hand at homemade au gratin potatoes.  While the cheese sauce was delicious, the potatoes were a bit on the al dente side.  And potatoes, as opposed to pasta, shouldn't be served al dente.  I placed the baking dish back into the oven for more baking. . .and then a little more baking, but to no avail.  The dish was a flop.  My husband was kind and ate a serving, but I knew the dish was a flop.

The next day I decided
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Coffee Cake Muffins

by TT Jr. June 27th, 2012| Breads, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
My family members, or at least my step-dad, are avid soccer watchers.  His favorite team at this point is England, and they happened to be playing Sunday against Italy.  So, in honor of the game, we had a small get together with munchies and friends.  I volunteered to make something, I was hoping desperately I could land the baking spot.  And with my luck, I did!  I now had to rack my brain for a baked good I had not already made, or at least a variation of something I already had.  Frantically, my brain went through the usual
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