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Resetting the Kitchen

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 5th, 2016| Food News
As I write this, I am slightly more than halfway through my month of living in a hotel. I have spent the last couple weeks trying to deny the fact that I didn't have a kitchen, as you saw in last week's recipes. I've found this kitchen-less existence to be
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Italian Restaurants in Sydney You Should Not Miss

by Editorial Team November 17th, 2016| Food News
Have you ever had a food trip in Sydney? It is one of the best places to experience different kinds of cuisine prepared authentically or made with a contemporary twist. But one of the best things that you can ever get to try are the Italian restaurants in Sydney.

Think Tasty Goes Back to the Beginning

by Michele Pesula Kuegler October 31st, 2016| Food News
I launched Think Tasty in June 2007. At that time I was an elementary level teacher who shared her passions for cooking and writing on the side. Because of this, I concluded it would be best if I wrote my columns as Think Tasty. In June 2008 I left my

Cooking Basics: The 2 Ps of a Great Home Cook

by Editorial Team October 18th, 2016| Food News
Becoming a good cook does require a bit of skill and a willingness to learn, but becoming a great cook, a chef for that matter, is an ongoing process of experience, knowledge and experimentation. However, there are only so many ways you can experiment, and one of the things you

My Favorite Start to the Day

by Editorial Team September 9th, 2016| Food News
Like many people, I start my day with coffee. Several cups of coffee. Regardless to weather- hot, cold, snowy, windy, humid, I love starting my day with hot coffee. Traveling for work, I've experienced both good and bad coffee. Sometimes the hotel has fabulous coffee, and it's a great start
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Simple Dehydrated Recipes You Can Try Today

by Editorial Team August 24th, 2016| Food News
The food dehydrator is an invaluable kitchen appliance to have. There are so many things you can do with a dehydrator. For starters, you can extend the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables by dehydrating them at home. It is also so much better – and healthier – to dehydrate food
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Paper Cup Tips and Ideas for Your Coffee Shop

by Editorial Team August 24th, 2016| Food News
There are so many things to do when you run a coffee shop. You need to make sure you have the right coffee beans, the right machines and the best baristas to present your customers with the best cups of coffee. The way you serve coffee matters as well. You
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Your Growing Family

by Editorial Team August 12th, 2016| Food News
How to Maintain a Food Budget and Time with the Family

Life is certainly amazing. One minute you are bored out of your mind trying to find something to do on summer break from high school and it seems like the next minute you are getting on with life, getting married,

How to Operate a Vacuum Packing Machine

by Editorial Team May 3rd, 2016| Food News
First step: Evacuation
 Place the Vacuum Food Sealer bag with the product inside the chamber. The open neck of the bag should be placed over the sealing bar, leaving enough space for the seal of the chamber lid to close around the product. Close the lid. The vacuum pump

Element Corn & Rice Cakes

by Michele Pesula Kuegler January 23rd, 2015| Food News
ELEMENT snacks are a diet-friendly rice or corn cake that are great for snacking. They come in all different flavors, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry, and orange. My favorite by far was the dark chocolate, and my least favorite was orange. The rice cake snacks were my favorites. At

Sous-Vide At Home?

by Jane Wangersky August 22nd, 2013| Food News
A home sous-vide appliance is going to be available in November at a fairly affordable price ($199) -- so it's time for home cooks to start asking themselves if this is something they could use.

Till now, I'd heard only scattered references to sous-vide and they certainly weren't
ice cream Gesine Kuhlmann

Ice Cream: America’s Summer Favorite

by Julia Loschiavo August 8th, 2013| Food News
With the wide range of ice cream flavors out there, it is interesting that vanilla still reigns supreme as America's favorite flavor, according to the second annual survey of the International Ice Cream Association (IICA) member companies. Chocolate and butter pecan follow, with coffee, Neapolitan and Rocky Road tied
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