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Sous-Vide At Home?

by Jane Wangersky August 22nd, 2013| Food News
rareA home sous-vide appliance is going to be available in November at a fairly affordable price ($199) -- so it's time for home cooks to start asking themselves if this is something they could use.

Till now, I'd heard only scattered references to sous-vide and they certainly weren't all positive. Gordon Ramsay was served a sous-vide dish in one of the nightmarish kitchens or hellish hotels he rips apart every week, and scornfully called it "boil in the bag".

So what exactly does sous-vide mean? In French -- "under vacuum" (literally, "under empty"). This refers to the airtight plastic
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Ice Cream: America’s Summer Favorite

by Julia Loschiavo August 8th, 2013| Food News
ice cream Gesine KuhlmannWith the wide range of ice cream flavors out there, it is interesting that vanilla still reigns supreme as America's favorite flavor, according to the second annual survey of the International Ice Cream Association (IICA) member companies. Chocolate and butter pecan follow, with coffee, Neapolitan and Rocky Road tied for fourth place (idfa.org).

The survey also reported premium ice cream as the most popular category of ice cream; with a lower aeration and higher fat content, premium ice cream is the way to go for a rich and creamy frozen treat. Regular ice cream, then novelties follow, defined
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Behind the Scenes at a Cooking Show

by Jane Wangersky July 25th, 2013| Food News
platesThat half-hour to one-hour episode of your favorite cooking show is the product of hours and days of work by people you'll probably never see onscreen. We spoke to Jason Black (not his real name) who recently worked on the crew of a national TV show where cooks compete to have their recipes adopted and marketed by a supermarket chain.

Only one day was set aside for local auditions in Jason's area, but what a day it was! Crew members began setting up at 7:00 am in a supermarket parking lot, where tents housed a kitchen, judging area, and more.
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Free Pancakes!

by TT February 4th, 2013| Food News
On Mondays I usually post a recipe that has been enjoyed at our house in the last few weeks.  Today I decided to do something different and recognize a special event that is helping a good cause.

Tomorrow IHOP is giving away pancakes.  By pancakes, I don't mean a single pancake that will accompany the rest of your meal.  IHOP is giving away stacks of their buttermilk pancakes to any diner on Tuesday, February 5th from 7 am to 10 pm.  In return for the free pancakes, IHOP is hoping that their customers will make a donation to the Children's
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Sun BBQ Fest

by TT May 28th, 2012| Food News
As you are enjoying the last day of this three-day weekend, you probably aren't beginning to consider what to do with next weekend yet.  However, if you live anywhere in the Northeast and enjoy food, music, and fun, you might want to clear your calendar.  (Those of you who live outside the Northeast, feel free to clear your calendars also, it just will require some travel.)

Next weekend Mohegan Sun, located in southeastern Connecticut, will be hosting its first annual Sun BBQ Fest.  This three-day extravaganza will feature some of the best barbecue in the US, along with a multitude
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Organic Volcano Lemon Burst and Lime Burst

by TT June 22nd, 2011| Food News
In my role, I receive many offers to sample products.  These products range from obvious items that aren't of interest to items that would be interesting to try to items whose arrival is counted by the minute.  About a month ago, I received an email offering to send Organic Volcano Lemon Burst and Lime Burst.  These two products fell into the middle category: worthy of my time but nothing that had me awaiting the mailman at the door.

When the package arrived, I noted the typical plastic packaging, shaped and colored appropriately for each flavor.  I placed both of them
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Boston Olive Oil Company

by TT April 6th, 2011| Food News
A recent weekend was spent in Boston, celebrating my husband's birthday.  Although Boston is only an hour away from our home, it was quite delightful to have two whole days to explore different venues.  One of those venues was Newbury Street, which is home to numerous high-end shops, one of a kind boutiques, and wonderful restaurants.  While we enjoyed many different shops for art galleries to designer clothing shops, our favorite was Boston Olive Oil Company.

Entering the store, our eyes were greeted with the site of an island and a wall counter covered with stainless steel tanks filled
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Popcorn Palace

by TT March 31st, 2011| Food News
I am not a popcorn fanatic.  Of course, maybe that's because there are so many poorly done types of popcorn available.  I don't eat popcorn at the movies, though most of my family and many of my friends adore it.  Popcorn covered in "butter flavored oil" just seems nasty.  Microwave popcorn tends to have interesting ingredients to give the popcorn its flavor.  I also don't like popcorn that is doused in butter, even if it's real butter.  So, rather than wrinkling my nose at most popcorn, I just pass on eating it.

However, when I was offered some samples of
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by TT March 21st, 2011| Food News
Sometimes it is mere happenstance that brings about the most delightful of discoveries.  Such was the case with my discovering Craquelins.  On a Sunday in January, my husband and I went to a winter farmers' market to purchase our weekly supply of vegetables.  Exploring the various vendors' tables, we found some yummy flatbread crisp samples.  Never ones to pass on a free food tasting, we gave them a try and were hooked.  We added a couple packages to our collection of food.  Returning two weeks later to the next market, we were pleased to see that Craquelins was there
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California Olive Oil

by TT March 10th, 2011| Food News
One of my favorite work-related events is attending the Boston Wine Expo.  Every year I am amazed at the number of interesting product I discover and intriguing people I meet.  This year was no different.  Of course, the majority of the booths are filled with wineries, which are delicious in their own right, but there also are booths with food vendors.  At one of these booths, I met Mike Forbes, who is marketing director for California Olive Ranch.

A favorite indulgence of mine when dining at a restaurant is enjoying fresh bread and dipping oil.  Well, on a weekend that
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To Die For Dips

by TT February 16th, 2011| Food News
I love attending the Boston Wine Expo.  The obvious reason may seem to be that there are thousands of varieties of wine to sample.  While sampling a few wines is nice, the reason I love attending is the people and companies I discover there.  From innovative chefs to interesting foods, there is much to learn.  One of the great discoveries I made this year was To Die For Dips.  This dip is delicious and has an amazing story behind it.

I met with Margaret Hammill, founder and owner of To Die For Dips on a recent winter morning at
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Little Duck Organics

by TT February 7th, 2011| Food News
As a mom, I completely understand the desire to put only the best ingredients into your child's diet.  When my oldest was ready for solid foods, I remember reading the labels on baby food items, seeking products that didn't have fillers, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients.  In the end, I found some store-bought items that worked and made the rest myself.

Zac Normandin and his wife had the same experience.  During their search for healthy snacks, they discovered that even organic foods had sugar and corn filler added to them.  Organic
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