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Chef Michelle Jurisin

by Amy Harrington December 20th, 2012| Chef News
Arizona is home to five unforgettable restaurants called The Haunted Group, all owned by Eric and Michelle Jurisin.  Located in Cottonwood, Jerome, and Scottsdale, you have plenty of opportunities to “eat, play and stay” with the Jurisins. Michelle is a hands-on, hard working chef that can be found in any of her six restaurants. She is known to always be in good spirits and is able to create delicious fresh dishes.  Each restaurant is unique in style and cuisine all under the watchful eye of dedicated Chef Jurisin. I spoke with her as she shared with me her
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Chef Mark Bodinet

by TT August 13th, 2012| Chef News
Staying in Seattle for another interview, we were able to speak with Executive Chef Mark Bodinet of Copperleaf Restaurant & Bar. This two year old restaurant is committed to utilizing locally sourced ingredients.  Some of their sourcing is quite local, as they grow herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms on property.  Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their menu to items, such as decor.  One example of this is a Tuscan table made from reclaimed old forest growth.

Chef Bodinet spoke with me about the restaurant.

TT:  Reviewing your menu, you use a large amount of local produce.  What local produce items
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Chef Rocco Whalen

by TT April 12th, 2012| Chef News
From Kansas City, we're journeying approximately eight hundred miles to Cleveland, Ohio.  Moving from a city that borders the Missouri River to a city that borders Lake Erie, we continue to find restaurants with new spring menus.  Here I was able to speak with Chef Rocco Whalen, owner and Executive Chef of Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit is a decade old restaurant, located in the Tremont section of Cleveland, that is noted for its contemporary American regional cuisine.  Another claim to fame for the restaurant is the chef.  Chef Rocco recently starred in the Food Network series, Fat Chef, and lost 130
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Food Localmotion Green Pizza and Beer Local Foods Dinner

by TT September 23rd, 2011| Chef News, Restaurant News
With today marking the start of fall, it seemed the appropriate time to start a new series.  This series will features chefs and restaurants who are hosting Fall Harvest dinners that utilize locally sourced produce, meats, cheeses, and more.  The series will highlight many delicious events from California to Florida to New Jersey and a few other locations in between.

Our first Harvest Dinner is taking place this Sunday, September 25th, at 5:30 p.m. at the Lucky Bucket Brewery in La Vista, Nebraska, in conjunction with The Food Localmotion (Sierra Club Omaha, Green Omaha Coalition, and Slow Food Omaha).  Preparing
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Chef Katy Clark

by TT September 7th, 2011| Chef News
In our last Food Network Star interview, we learned more about Juba Kali.  This week we are pleased to share our interview with Katy Clark, a competitor who is the owner of a food and fitness company, Fit Chef Katy.  She amazed us with her cooking skills, but unfortunately she was eliminated in the second episode.   We were pleased to speak with her and learn more about her.

TT:  Having watched Food Network Star, your food looked fabulous, especially your grown-up s’mores.  What is the best piece of cooking advice you can offer to home cooks who want to
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Chef Juba Kali

by TT August 26th, 2011| Chef News
Season 7 of Food Network Star may have ended, but our interviews of the contestants continue.  Although eliminated in the second episode, Juba Kali displayed fabulous knowledge of food and cooking.  We were able to speak with him and learn more about this fabulous chef.

TT:  As a chef, scientist and Food Network Star contestant, you have a vast amount of cooking knowledge and experience.  What is one simple food or cooking fact our readers should know that will improve their cooking?

JK:  One of my pet peeves that is EASILY avoidable is the overcooking of vegetables.  One can vastly improve
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Chef Jyll Everman

by TT August 11th, 2011| Chef News
With this season's Food Network Star nearing the end of the competition, it means that more chefs have been eliminated from the show.  Last week, we were able to speak with Justin Balmes.  This week, I was delighted to be able to speak with Jyll Everman, who was eliminated in week 8.

TT:  As a caterer and Food Network Star contestant, you have a vast amount of cooking experience.  What is one simple thing our readers can do to improve their cooking?

JE:  Focus on one technique at a time and master it! Spend a week braising different cuts of
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Chef Justin Balmes

by TT August 1st, 2011| Chef News
Watching television isn't one of my favorite pastimes, especially if it is a reality show.  Reality shows seem to include way too much drama.  However, a few years ago, Food Network introduced The Next Food Network Star, and I was intrigued.  Watching people with various food backgrounds compete as chefs and tv personalities for the chance to have their own show- I was hooked.

As of last night, the current season of Food Network Star, (apparently marketing decided to drop "Next") has reduced its group of  contenders from fifteen to four.  Among the original group of fifteen was Justin Balmes,
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Chef James Harris

by TT January 13th, 2011| Chef News
Think Tasty has been traversing the country, finding the best restaurant in each region.  In December, we visited the Mid-Atlantic region and discovered Zynodoa, a fabulous restaurant located in Staunton, Virginia.  Recently, I was able to speak with Chef James Harris and learn more about this dining destination.

Zynodoa has been open for four years with Chef James working as executive chef for the last two months, and as the sous chef for the year preceding that.  Chef James is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and has been in the culinary industry for twelve years.  Beyond
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Chef Aaron Butts

by TT November 10th, 2010| Chef News
Aaron Butts Think Tasty has been traveling across the USA seeking the best restaurants by region.  In October we discovered the Great Lakes Region, and along with it, Joseph Decuis Restaurant in Roanoke, Indiana.  This establishment is not only a restaurant but also a farm, emporium, culinarium, and inn.  With so much to offer and a solid fan base voting for them, we knew we needed to learn more about this restaurant and its chef, Aaron Butts.

Chef Aaron did not attend formal culinary school.  He started cooking in high school, and was excelling so fast he didn’t want
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Normanton Farm- Part II

by TT October 20th, 2010| Chef News
Baby cattleHaving met 32 cattle at Normanton Farm, it was time to continue my tour of the farm.  Walking down the fields toward the river, Steve (Normanton, owner of the farm) showed me where the cattle stay during a storm.  As opposed to many farms, the cattle live outdoors and are not kept in a barn at night or during inclement weather.  As Steve pointed out, these animals have lived outside for thousands of year and have the ability to survive outside.  During a storm they are moved to a grove of trees where they are more protected.

Moving away from
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Normanton Farm- Part I

by TT October 18th, 2010| Chef News
Bull Feeding Time

I kind of met a member of Normanton Farm this past spring.  About 10:00 pm on a weekday night I was driving home from a dinner meeting.  As I rounded a corner on a main road in town, I was surprised to discover a cow in the middle of the road.  While I knew I was driving in the suburbs and have seen numerous deer in the road, never before had I met a cow in the road.  Of course, when I met Steve Normanton, owner of the farm, this week, the cow encounter was the first thing I
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