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Frosted Eggnog Cookies

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 13th, 2018 | Desserts, Recipes

A cookie that tastes like Christmas

To me, the food that tastes most like and reminds me the most of Christmas is eggnog. Others may think of gingerbread, fruit cake, pork pie, or something else, but for me it's this beverage. The funny thing is that I don't even drink eggnog on its own anymore. Sure, I like to use some in my coffee,
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When Your Sweet Tooth Needs Fulfilling

by Editorial Team December 12th, 2018 | Cooking Basics

If you're anything like me, desserts can be such a weakness. Although I have learned that I have a fairly decent amount of willpower. My plan for desserts is such: no desserts on weekdays. That's pretty much it. Of course, that doesn't mean that on the weekends I eat desserts round the clock. No, I still keep moderation in mind, but having the weekday rule makes it easier.

So, if it's the weekend, what sort of sweet treat do I crave? Most often it's something homemade, like cookies. I personally have an affinity for frosted cookies, such as the Double Lemon
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Overnight Eggnog Bread Pudding

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 11th, 2018 | Desserts, Recipes

Eggnog comfort food; need I say more?

Most often when I think of eggnog, it's served ice cold or added to a cup of coffee. It's not something that I think of as warm. However, when you're looking for a delicious, yet simple, way to create bread pudding, eggnog is a good choice. No need to add lots of seasoning or flavors, just some eggnog and a few other ingredients, and you've got a festive dessert.

To learn more about this recipe, originally published in
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Jamaican Strongback Punch

by Editorial Team December 9th, 2018 | Cooking Basics

If you’ve been to Jamaica or have roots there, you’ll probably be aware of its national dish ackee and saltfish and might even champion jerk chicken, rum or Red Stripe beer.

But if you’ve never tried strongback punch, you’re missing out on a real treat — it’s regarded as both an aphrodisiac and a cure-all for minor ailments.

Scientific evidence of its health-enhancing properties is a little thin on the ground, but it tastes great regardless. 

And drinking this protein-packed elixir might provide an insight into the type of cuisine that makes Jamaicans punch above

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Deconstructed Poached Pear

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 6th, 2018 | Appetizers, Desserts, Recipes, Vegetarian

The perfect beginning or ending to a meal

This recipe came to me due to a lack of fruit and a lack of patience. My initial plan was to purchase small pears, such as forelle. Sadly none of my local grocery stores had any in stock. Instead I purchased bosc pears and figured I'd just make a bigger version of the initial plan.

So, I cut the pears in half and removed their stems and cores. I set them in a pot with wine and let the simmering begin. I checked at 10 minutes, 15 minutes. They still weren't tender.
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Wine Poached Pears with Honeyed Mascarpone

by Michele Pesula Kuegler December 4th, 2018 | Desserts, Recipes, Tapas Monday

Easy & elegant; a perfect dessert recipe

Nine years later, this recipe still is a favorite. What's not to like in a recipe that combines sweetened mascarpone and wine-infused pears? It is so simple to make and also so beautiful to serve. When you add that it is amazingly delicious, it's obvious why this recipe stands the test of time.

To learn more about this recipe, originally published in December 2009, keep reading,

Last week, I posted my Ravens inspired eggplant salsa recipe.  Of course, one purple dish isn't quite enough to produce a theme.  So, I had other purple
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Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 29th, 2018 | Desserts, Recipes

Handheld dessert happiness for all!

Living in New Hampshire, I've seen whoopie pies for ages. However, I've never made them. A good friend gave me a recipe for classic whoopie pies years ago, but the recipe made me wrinkle my nose. The main ingredient of the filling was vegetable
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Beet Cake

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 27th, 2018 | Desserts, Recipes

Keep an open mind, and you'll be delightfully surprised.

Ah, yes, this recipe comes from the small category of feed the kids via slight of hand. See, as a parent, I always believed in letting the kids know what they were being served with the condition that they only had to eat a no-thank-you serving. However, with a dessert there's no requirement to eat it. If you're going to give this recipe a try, I might suggest being coy in how you describe it. Your diners will forgive once they taste how delicious it is.

To learn more about this
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New & Improved Creamy Carrot Soup

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 22nd, 2018 | Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Soups & Stews, Vegetarian

Who knew carrot soup could be so luxurious?

I am very much a fan of shortcuts when necessary or practical. I keep store-bought pickled beets in the fridge for afternoon snacks and don't feel badly that I haven't made them. I use packaged puff pastry to save time when making desserts. For weekday lunches, I make many of my soups with either bouillon or a can of broth. In fact, that is what I did when I made the original Creamy (Yet Lowfat) Carrot Soup. It was a fine soup in its own right.

Recently I decided to try
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Turkey Isn’t Just for the Holidays

by Editorial Team November 22nd, 2018 | Cooking Basics
We are now in the midst of the holiday season. For dinner and party planning, we often think about what roast we want to serve or how big of a turkey we need. Once the holiday season ends we still may think about serving a roast at Sunday dinner, but turkey seems to be forgotten. That doesn’t have to be!

I think many people only think of turkey during the holidays because of all the work that surrounds a turkey dinner. First of all, you have to deal with this enormous roasting pan (and don’t get me started on cleaning it).
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Homemade Meals Made Easy

by Editorial Team November 22nd, 2018 | Cooking Basics
A typical day: Get up, shower, get dressed, grab a quick bite. Get the kids up, dressed, fed, and on the school bus. Go to work, get some coffee (Now!!), work, work, eat lunch, work, work. Leave work, pick up the kids. Go to soccer practice and dance lessons. Arrive home, supervise homework, backpack unpacking and repacking. Send kids to bed. Collapse.

Notice anything missing in that day? I am hoping you did. There was no dinner! I’m sure this person and family ate dinner, but more than likely it was a pizza delivered when they arrived at home. Our days
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The Food and Drink Pairings That Will Take Your Dinner Party to the Next Level

by Editorial Team November 21st, 2018 | Cooking Basics
Do you want every dinner party that you host to be as amazing as it can be? You want your guests to really enjoy themselves and, above all else, you want them to like the culinary masterclass that you serve up. If you want this to truly be the case with your next party, however, then you have to make sure that the beverages that you provide compliment the food that you cook.

By ensuring that
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“Cream” of Broccoli Soup

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 20th, 2018 | Recipes, Soups & Stews

Creamy flavors without creamy calories

This recipe was created as winter was drawing to a close, but New Hampshire was still cold. Now winter is on the horizon, and again New Hampshire is cold. As I look out my windows, it's gray and rainy with the temperatures hovering a
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How to Eat Yummy and Still Lose Weight: Tasty Foods That Work

by Editorial Team November 17th, 2018 | Cooking Basics
It's okay to make life a little tastier and still lose inches. Check out this guide on how to lose weight and still eat yummy foods.

When the mercury starts to drop and the snow starts to fly, do you tend to crave comfort food? It's understandable -- in fact, having a hankering for savory, meaty stews, gloriously cheesy casseroles, and hearty pasta dishes are built into human biology. Historically, having a diet rich in fats and carbohydrates was one way to help guarantee our survival over the long, cold winter.

Of course, it doesn't help that the strawberries and tomatoes,
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The Equipment You Must Have for Your New Restaurant

by Editorial Team November 16th, 2018 | Cooking Basics
Having the right equipment is essential for the success of any business. However, choosing the right equipment can be harder than you think. Some of the biggest items are obvious but many of the smaller items are often overlooked. Unfortunately these items are the ones that can make a big difference to the smooth running of your new business.

Consider this, you invest in a new dishwasher but fail to order the detergent for the machine. Having already released additional staff you have dishes to do and no way to do them automatically! That’s why you need a good contact
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Savory Parmesan Biscotti

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 15th, 2018 | Breads, Recipes

Move over breadsticks, savory biscotti are here.

You know how we put things into categories and then can't think of them in any other way? I previously had done this with baked sweet potatoes. They were for lunch or dinner. Sure, you could have sweet potato in your hash or home fries but to eat a baked sweet potato at breakfast? I don't think so.

Wanting something different for breakfast outside of my usual options of smoothie, cereal, or yogurt, my mind wandered to a
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11 Steps for Remodeling Your Kitchen

by Editorial Team November 13th, 2018 | Cooking Basics
The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, and it will need to be a space where you can cook with confidence if you are to serve up tasty recipes each day. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have a kitchen which allows them to cook to their best abilities and this can hold you back as a cook as well as make it cramped and stressful to prepare food each day. Cooking is a lot more enjoyable and successful when you have a neat,
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Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 13th, 2018 | Desserts, Recipes

Biscotti with a nice holiday flair

This was the second type of biscotti I ever made, and I made them somewhere between November and December. The cranberries give it that holiday look and taste, at least in my opinion. More than that they're a nice treat option, as they
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Apple Pie Cookies

by Michele Pesula Kuegler November 8th, 2018 | Desserts, Recipes

Lots of apple & cinnamon flavor; no fork required!

A little confession from yours truly: I am not a huge fan of pies. The issue for me is the pie crust. I find regular pie crust to be bland, just plain old doughy. If the pie has an interesting crust (graham cracker, vanilla wafer, etc.), I'm much more inclined to have a slice. In fact with regular pies, I'd gladly eat the filling and the leave the crust for someone else.

So, as I was planning out my fall recipe ideas, one that I wanted to try was an apple
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10 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Healthy Desserts

Editorial Team November 6th, 2018 | Cooking Basics

You can still indulge your sweet tooth while sticking to a healthy diet when you try these ten easy and delicious recipes for healthy desserts!

What's life without something a little sweet? That's why it's important to find healthy desserts this holiday season.

Desserts that are high in fat, like in those old cake and cookie recipes, can wreak havoc on our bodies. One cookie won't

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