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Chef Justin Simoneaux

by TT May 31st, 2012| Chef Interviews
What do you get when you combine a chef from New Orleans, a building from the 1800s that used to be home to a shirt factory, and the location of San Francisco?  Boxing Room.  This one year old restaurant serves lunch Monday through Friday, brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner seven nights a week.  Offering hearty Cajun and Creole dishes, you'll question whether you're in Louisiana or California.  However, to keep your location in check, you are certain to find many native ingredients throughout your meal.

We were are to speak with Chef Simoneaux to learn more about
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Sweet Cheese Filled Strawberries

by TT Jr. May 30th, 2012| Appetizers, Desserts, Recipes
On Monday we celebrated my mom's birthday.  I must say it was quite a success, she enjoyed it very much.  And obviously, because we were celebrating her, she was not allowed to cook.  I immediately volunteered to "cook" the appetizer because what she wanted to have was just up my alley, a combination of baking and cooking.  I am sure you are probably thinking, "TT Jr., filling strawberries with soft cheese has nothing to do with baking, you don't even need to cook it."  Now, I was thinking of the filling when I said baking because it reminds me
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Mashed Potatoes with a Ricer?

by Elizabeth Skipper May 29th, 2012| Ask the Chef
Watching a cooking show the other night, I saw a chef make mashed potatoes using a ricer. I've always used a handheld potato masher. Is it a ricer a better tool, or is there a different kitchen utensil/appliance that would make great mashed potatoes? (My family adores mashed potatoes, so the right tool would be appreciated.)

Interesting terminology. To be precise, there are riced potatoes and mashed potatoes; so making mashed potatoes with a ricer is mixing terms. Riced potatoes are simply potatoes that are boiled, put through a ricer, and served with melted butter on top. That said, I
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Sun BBQ Fest

by TT May 28th, 2012| Food News
As you are enjoying the last day of this three-day weekend, you probably aren't beginning to consider what to do with next weekend yet.  However, if you live anywhere in the Northeast and enjoy food, music, and fun, you might want to clear your calendar.  (Those of you who live outside the Northeast, feel free to clear your calendars also, it just will require some travel.)

Next weekend Mohegan Sun, located in southeastern Connecticut, will be hosting its first annual Sun BBQ Fest.  This three-day extravaganza will feature some of the best barbecue in the US, along with a multitude
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Bacon-Cheddar Waffles

by TT May 24th, 2012| Breakfast Dishes
When Think Tasty was a very young publication, I posted a recipe for Mom's Wonderful Waffles.  As I explained then, my children's first experience with waffles was homemade.  They didn't encounter a frozen, boxed waffle until later in their childhood.  Now that they are teens, they tend to find pleasure in eating frozen, boxed waffles.  I'm not sure how this is possible, but it does make a quick breakfast before heading to the bus stop.  As there are far greater things of which I could be concerned, I have acquiesced and keep these cardboard-like items in our freezer.

While they
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Chef Gayle Pirie

by TT May 23rd, 2012| Chef Interviews
If you are headed to San Francisco and are looking for more than just a meal on the town, Foreign Cinema should be on your short list.  In addition to serving dinner nightly and brunch on the weekend, you have the opportunity to watch both foreign and independent films.  A thirteen year old restaurant, Chef Gayle knows how to create the perfect menu, which will please diners as they enjoy the ambience.  I was able to speak with Chef Gayle to learn more about Foreign Cinema.

TT:  Reading your website, I noticed that you have a daily changing menu. 
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Ham & Cheese Cups

by BnB Finder May 22nd, 2012| Best BnB Bites
Whenever I read the current Best B&B Bites recipe, I think about how it could fit into my menu.  Quite often with the breakfast dishes, I figure that they would work well on a weekend morning.  However, this recipe for Ham & Cheese Cups seems like a dish that could be made on a weekday.  Although it does need 30 minutes of baking time, it seems that if I made the cups and put them in the oven first thing, it would fit into our morning schedule. Requiring minimal prep work and cleaning, it seems like a nice midweek
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Corner Stable, Cockeysville, MD

by TT May 21st, 2012| Restaurant Reviews
As I started writing this review, I realized that some of our restaurant choices during our mid-Atlantic trip seem inconsiderate toward our vegetarian.  The reason I thought this is that the Corner Stable is a barbecue restaurant.  However, in my experience, many barbecue places have a decent fish dish on the menu, and our daughter enjoys fish.  For the rest of us, slowly cooked, smoky meats were our lure.

Like any area, there are debates over which restaurant has the best Italian, best barbecue, etc.  Corner Stable is one of two in the Baltimore area known for its barbecue.  Decorated
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Battle of the Cheesesteaks

by TT May 17th, 2012| Restaurant Reviews
The last week of April we took two of our teens on a combined work/pleasure trip to the mid-Atlantic region.  With a schedule of a few meetings here, a little sightseeing there, we were able to enjoy the kids' week off from school while maintaining a relaxed business schedule.  Journeying down the Atlantic coast, we made stops in Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Of course, one of our purposes for visiting Philly was to see historic sites.  However, I'd be fibbing if I didn't admit that an equally as important purpose was to eat cheesesteaks at Geno's and Pat's.  I know, a
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Chef Chris Gatto

by TT May 16th, 2012| Chef Interviews
We've traveled across the country from west to east, learning about spring menus at many fabulous restaurants.  It seemed appropriate to end this article series with a restaurant that has locations in multiple states.  We were able to speak with Chef Chris Gatto, the executive chef for Uno Chicago Grill.  Originally known for their deep dish pizza, this restaurant offers so much more.

When I spoke with Chef Gatto, he was working in the test kitchens for Uno, located in Boston, Massachusetts.  It was interesting to learn about the wide variety of food items available.  We focused our conversation
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Camembert Substitute

by Elizabeth Skipper May 15th, 2012| Ask the Chef
I was making a cheese tray the other weekend and was hoping to find camembert at my local market. Unfortunately, they had none. I had extra time, so I went to a different shop and was able to find camembert. However, I may not always have that much shopping time. What would be a suitable replacement for camembert?

Brie. Camembert and Brie are both semi-soft cheeses made from cow's milk, inoculated with the same penicillium candidum mold, and ripened for the same length of time, four to six weeks. Because US law forbids the sale of cheeses made from unpasteurized
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Vegtable Cream Cheese

by TT Jr. May 14th, 2012| Recipes, Spreads & Sauces
I love bagels.  I just love them, specifically toasted.  And with cream cheese.  They are so delicious when they are still hot and the cream cheese starts to melt on them.  My favorite flavor is salt bagels, and they are delicious with plain cream cheese, but sometimes that gets a little boring.  So, I decided to make a vegetable cream cheese to see how it tasted with my mom's yummy salt bagels.  It tasted like heaven on a hot bagel.  The sweet crunchy carrots with the tangy, slightly spicy chives against the salty, hot, soft, crunchy bagel is incredible.

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