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Summer Squash & Zucchini Bruschetta

by TT June 29th, 2011| Appetizers, Recipes, Tapas Monday
Although I am not a vegetarian, I am a huge fan of produce.  Some of my favorite meals are based around fruits and vegetables.  So, this time of year is quite exciting for me.  After a long winter and spring with almost no freshly picked produce, it is a delight to visit our local farm stands.  This past weekend I was pleased to find five different types of lettuce, radishes, peas, and much more.  My husband and I purchased a variety of veggies to use in our meals for the next few days.

Two summer favorites of ours are summer squash
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Midfield Café, Nashua, NH

by TT June 27th, 2011| Restaurant Reviews
My husband and I are both morning people, which means that even on a weekend he's awake by 5:30 and I'm awake by 6:30.  With these "early" starts to the day, we both enjoy a morning that starts with work and is followed by a late breakfast.  After a few hours of exercise, chores, and work projects, both of us have created appetites that are ready for a hearty breakfast.

This past Sunday was one of those days.  As we wanted to spend the early afternoon doing some shopping for home decor and farm fresh produce, we needed to choose
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Make Your Own Temaki Sushi

by TT June 23rd, 2011| Main Dishes, Recipes
With four children that have varying likes, it can be difficult to find a dinner that works for all.  When I want to make a meal that is eagerly embraced by all, I tend to choose a "Make Your Own" meal, such as make your own paninis.  There is another meal of this type that makes all of them even more excited, Make Your Own Temaki Sushi.

Let me start by explaining what temaki sushi is.  Most of us hear the term "sushi" and think raw fish.  However, sushi actually is the rice that quite often accompanies the dish.  Temaki sushi
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Organic Volcano Lemon Burst and Lime Burst

by TT June 22nd, 2011| Food News
In my role, I receive many offers to sample products.  These products range from obvious items that aren't of interest to items that would be interesting to try to items whose arrival is counted by the minute.  About a month ago, I received an email offering to send Organic Volcano Lemon Burst and Lime Burst.  These two products fell into the middle category: worthy of my time but nothing that had me awaiting the mailman at the door.

When the package arrived, I noted the typical plastic packaging, shaped and colored appropriately for each flavor.  I placed both of them
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Bourbon Sauce

by TT June 20th, 2011| Simple Solutions
Here are a few fun facts about me and bourbon.  One, I never have liked the smell or taste of bourbon, or any whiskey for that matter.  Two, my husband adores a well-aged whiskey as a sipping cocktail.  Three, over the past couple years I have come to appreciate the smoothness and aroma of better bourbons.  Four, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this sauce.

With yesterday being Father's Day, the entire day's menu was planned around my husband's likes.  While he and I enjoy dining together, many of his favorites aren't mine.  For example, dinner was country fried steak and fried
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88 at Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, ME

by TT June 15th, 2011| Restaurant News, Summer Restaurants
From Long Island, we move back to the Northeast to feature Maine coast cuisine, at 88.  This casually elegant restaurant is located at Spruce Point Inn, serving dinner nightly from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  In addition to having the special charm of being a summer-only destination, this restaurant also has a father-son pairing in the kitchen providing delicious meals for their diners.  I was able to speak with Assistant Chef Peter Stiles (not to be confused with Executive Chef Peter Stiles, Sr.).

TT: When does the 88 open and close for the season?

PS: 88 opened on May 24th for hotel
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Warm Beet Green Salad

by TT June 13th, 2011| Recipes, Salads, Side Dishes
As I was preparing this post, I was thinking about my affinity for greens.  Although I tried, I couldn't think of a green that I don't like.  Escarole, swiss chard, kale, callaloo, and spinach are among the leafy vegetables I enjoy.  In fact, the green I like least is iceberg lettuce, as it lacks flavor.  Most other greens deliver fabulous flavors, some with more bite than others, and make a great side dish or ingredient in a salad.

With a love for these vegetables, I try to share it with my children.  I understand that kids aren't supposed to adore
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Ignite Bar & Grille, Manchester, NH

by TT June 9th, 2011| Restaurant Reviews
Living in New Hampshire, my husband and I are quite used to the lack of late night dining options. However, we didn't fully realize how early restaurants stop serving dinner on a weekend night until this past winter.

We had season tickets to the Palace Theatre in Manchester, all for shows on Saturday nights at 7:30. Preferring a later dinner, we planned to stroll the downtown and have a meal after the show. Luckily for us, the first show ended a few minutes before 9:30, and we were able to find a restaurant that would serve dinner. However,
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Nello Summertimes, Southampton, NY

by TT June 8th, 2011| Restaurant News, Summer Restaurants
From the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, we travel to Long Island to learn more about the next restaurant in our Summer Only series, Nello Summertimes.  This restaurant is the sister of Nello, located in Manhattan.  Leaving the heat and bustle of the city for the relaxing pace of the Hamptons and this fine restaurant, we spoke with Nello Balan, owner of Nello, to learn more.

TT: When does Nello Summertimes open and close for the summer season?

NB: Nello Summertimes opens Memorial Day Weekend. We close Labor Day Weekend.

TT: What prompted you to open a restaurant in the Hamptons while
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Rhubarb Chutney

by TT June 6th, 2011| Recipes, Spreads & Sauces
I love the arrival of warm weather.  Not only does it mean that the cold sensation in my fingers and toes should disappear, but it also means that there will be more local produce available.  These local options provide us with inspiration for many meals and snacks.

Yesterday we stopped by a farmstand to purchase some greens and asparagus for our dinner and were delighted to find that rhubarb was still available.  Although I hadn't cooked with rhubarb until last year, I have developed an affinity for this vegetable.  Yes, it is technically a vegetable, even though it is treated
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The Restaurant at the NASWA Resort, Laconia, NH

by TT June 2nd, 2011| Restaurant News, Summer Restaurants
Continuing with our Summer Restaurant series, we travel to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  This seventy-six year old resort is home to a fine dining restaurant, which is open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day weekend.  In addition to the restaurant there also is a beach-side bar that offers the full restaurant menu after 5:00 p.m.

I spoke with Cynthia Makris, general manager of the resort to learn more about the NASWA.

TT: Do you use local meat, produce, or dairy in your menu?

CM: We do use all locally grown fruits and vegetables when available.  We receive deliveries six days
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