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Wine Expo Recap

by TT January 28th, 2011| Food News
Every year that we I have attended the Boston Wine Expo, I have found different items that are new and pleasing to my palate.  In previous years, there have been the baked goods of Sweet Santangelo's, Farnum Hill Hard Cider, and Tillen Farms pickled vegetables.  This year the fine tradition of flavorful delights continued.

My favorite food discovery at this year's Expo was To Die For Dips.  These wonderfully delicious dips created by Margaret Hammill were my favorite snack at the show.  With a plethora of options from cheese to chocolate to Alaskan pasta salad, the choice should
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Little Pub, Ridgefield, CT

by TT January 26th, 2011| Regional Best
Earlier this month, Think Tasty readers had the opportunity to choose the best restaurant in the Northeast region.  With ten terrific  restaurants on our list, picking the best was a difficult decision.  Voting was constant, with readers adding their votes and leaving comments raving about their restaurants until the end.  When voting was done, the restaurant that earned the most votes was Little Pub.

I spoke with the owner of Little Pub to learn a little more about this winning restaurant.

TT: I noted that
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Creamy (Yet Lowfat) Carrot Soup

by TT January 24th, 2011| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Soups & Stews
While I am not a vegetarian, I find many all-vegetable dishes to be exciting.  I do enjoy lamb shanks and braised beef short ribs, but I also enjoy Moroccan vegetable stew equally as much.  Now that one of our daughters has decided to give vegetarianism a try, I have even more reason to add new creative all-veggie dishes to our menu.

Although our daughter has seemed to enjoy her three month stint of being meat-free, I think sometimes I am more excited for these new creations.  A few weeks ago I made veggiepalooza, a simple stirfry of a multitude of
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Vanilla Coffee

by TT January 21st, 2011| Simple Solutions
Today's simple solution is a little different than usual.  This recipe involves no cooking; in fact, it isn't even a recipe.  However, it is a kitchen hint that I think is worthy of sharing with my fellow coffee lovers.

Working from my home office, I consume at least four cups of coffee during the morning.  If it's a particularly cold day, such as today, I might make a second pot late in the afternoon.  I like my coffee to be strong, preferably a dark roast of some sort, and I like it to be piping hot.

Sometimes I enjoy flavored coffees,
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Boston Wine Expo 2011

by TT January 19th, 2011| Food News
If you enjoy wine, then you may be aware that the Boston Wine Expo will be held this weekend, January 22 and 23, at the Seaport World Trade Center.  With 300 international wineries providing samples of their wines, it is a not-to-be-missed event.

What you may not know is that the Expo has fabulous offerings for foodies as well.  During the Grand Tastings, fifteen celebrity chefs will display their talents on two different stages.  Not only do attendees have the opportunity to watch the culinary talents of these chefs, but they also receive samples and recipes for these amazing dishes.

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The Best Restaurant in the Northeast

by TT January 17th, 2011| Regional Best
After ten days of voting, the poll for the best restaurant in the Northeast Region closed this afternoon.  With ten wonderful restaurants on the list, it was hard to choose the best.  However, many diners and Think Tasty readers placed their votes, and a winner has been chosen. . .

Little Pub

Please return to Think Tasty in the coming weeks to learn more about this restaurant and why it is the best restaurant in the Northeast Region.

To view how the nine other
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Warm Cole Slaw

by TT January 14th, 2011| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Salads
This year, my husband and I each created some goals. The goals fell into separate categories: as an individual, as a couple, and as a family.  Being food-centric people, several of the goals involved food, such as trying a new fruit or vegetable each month, taking the family to a new-to-us restaurant each quarter.  One of the goals my husband created is for our family to use only produce, meat, and dairy items that are locally sourced.  Actually, he wanted to locally source all food, but as I am the main grocery shopper and explained the logistics of that,
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Chef James Harris

by TT January 13th, 2011| Chef Interviews
Think Tasty has been traversing the country, finding the best restaurant in each region.  In December, we visited the Mid-Atlantic region and discovered Zynodoa, a fabulous restaurant located in Staunton, Virginia.  Recently, I was able to speak with Chef James Harris and learn more about this dining destination.

Zynodoa has been open for four years with Chef James working as executive chef for the last two months, and as the sous chef for the year preceding that.  Chef James is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and has been in the culinary industry for twelve years.  Beyond
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Magic Bullet Blender

by TT January 10th, 2011| Equipment Reviews
Not quite a year ago I wrote about the amazing blender that I own.  Nothing has changed in regards to my affection for this kitchen appliance.  It still provides perfectly smooth frozen drinks and purées soups quite nicely.  However, it isn't the only blender in my collection.

While the Oster blender is the choice for larger batches of foods in  need of processing or anything containing ice, it is large and takes slightly more effort to clean.  Therefore, my other blender is the compactly sized Magic Bullet.  With cups that come in two sizes (12 and 18 ounces), it
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Best Restaurant- Northeast Region

by TT January 7th, 2011| Regional Best, Restaurant News
Traveling north from the Mid-Atlantic region, Think Tasty now moves to the Northeast region.  Covering New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, we are sharing our top ten choices from the many that were submitted.  For the next ten days, readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite restaurant.  Voting will end at 4:00 pm EST on Monday, January 17th, and the winner will be announced at that time.

1. 1785 Inn
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Curried Yogurt Dip

by TT January 3rd, 2011| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Spreads & Sauces, Tapas Monday
We had an enjoyable set of holidays at our home with our children and a set of grandparents.  Christmas was a nonstop rotation of presents and food, which is the perfect way to spend the holiday: Open presents with immediate family, have breakfast.  Open presents with grandparents/in-laws, have a snack.  Open presents with aunts and uncles, have dinner.  Yes, everyone liked the flow of that day.

The days that followed were busy and snow-filled.  Thankfully we were able to fit in a family shopping trip, pre-snowstorm. Then we returned home for leisurely days of game playing, tv watching, and enjoying
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