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Pecan Brittle

by TT August 30th, 2010| Desserts, Recipes
Although summer is nearing its end and school has begun again, the current weather is in denial of these facts.  With temperatures in the mid-90s yesterday and today and staying that way for a few more days, it feels more like the middle of July.

As a person who has seasonal food preferences, the heat of summer spurs my craving for ice cream.  While I could eat ice cream daily, I treat it as an indulgence and enjoy it a few times throughout the summer.  However, since I treat it as an indulgence, when I do eat it, I indulge!  No
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Blueberry Simple Syrup

by TT August 27th, 2010| Recipes, Simple Solutions
My husband and I have a variety of shared interests and hobbies, one of which is cooking.  However, on a typical day it is difficult for both of us to be able to work on a meal together.  Between work demands and parenting responsibilities, it seems that one of us is busy when it's time to prepare food.  So, when we do have time to cook together, we enjoy it thoroughly.

A couple weeks ago we had an entire Sunday to ourselves.  With minimal work obligations and zero parenting responsibilities, we were ready for a day of culinary adventure.  Our
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Chef Paul Gelose

by TT August 25th, 2010| Chef Interviews
As Think Tasty has been conducting polls seeking the best restaurants in regions across the USA, we have discovered many exciting and interesting restaurants and chefs.  In July we explored the Rocky Mountain region, and along with it, The Palace Restaurant in Durango, Colorado.  The combination of a fabulous location, historical building, great food, and talented chef was all we needed to learn more about this restaurant and its chef, Paul Gelose.

Paul has always been interested in cooking.  He started cooking at the age of 16 at Henry’s Hamburgers in upstate New York but had been cooking at home
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Bagel Guillotine by Larien

by TT August 23rd, 2010| Equipment Reviews
All four of our children enjoy bagels.  It's not uncommon to see a bagel being toasted for breakfast or lunch on any given summer day.  Some of the time we stock our pantry with pre-sliced, packaged bagels, and other times we have either homemade or bakery bagels, which need to be sliced.

As all of the kids are old enough to make their own bagels to their liking, we thought it would be best to buy some sort of bagel slicer to make that part of the meal preparation easier.  This purchase would eliminate the need for a cutting board
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The Best Restaurant in the Central Plains Region

by TT August 20th, 2010| Regional Best, Restaurant News
After ten days of voting, the poll for the best restaurant in the Central Plains Region closed this afternoon.  With many incredible restaurants included, it wasn't easy to decide.  However, loyal patrons and Think Tasty readers voiced their opinions, and a winner has been chosen. . .

Eden Alley, Kansas City, Missouri

Please return to Think Tasty in the coming weeks to learn more about this restaurant and why it is the best restaurant in the Central Plains region.

To view how the nine other restaurants fared, click here.
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Review: Becco, New York City

by TT August 19th, 2010| Restaurant Reviews
Sometimes business travel is all work.  Sitting through long meetings, hurrying through short lunches, trying to find a place to work between meetings, none of those are fun or exciting.  However, every once in a while there is a perk to the travel. Recently, I was able to coordinate my and my husband's business travel so that we could go to NYC together and spend part of the weekend there.  A major victory in the world of scheduling!

After a full day of meetings on Friday, we planned a Saturday filled with fun-for-us events: a workout at the gym together, leisurely
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Review: Perro Salado, Newport, RI

by TT August 16th, 2010| Restaurant Reviews
Recently I was invited to dine at Perro Salado, courtesy of the owners.  After being told about their fabulous sticky ribs, it would have been hard to decline.  So, rather than resisting, I agreed to make a trip to this restaurant.

My dining companion (AKA my husband) and I arrived at Perro Salado about 15 minutes early for our 7:30 reservation on a Thursday night.  Entering the restaurant, the hostess greeted us promptly and informed us that our table was ready.  We were seated in a front room on the first floor of the restaurant, which is located within the Decatur
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Broccoli Salad

by TT August 13th, 2010| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Salads
In our house we always are trying new recipes.  Sometimes they fail miserably, sometimes they simply exist, and sometimes they are huge winners.  Last night I tried three new recipes, and all three were hits.  It was kind of like a hat trick for me.  Granted, two of the recipes were courtesy of cookbooks and online searches, but the third was all mine.  So, it was quite pleasing to have such good results.

As the other two dishes were ribs and french fries, I wanted to have a healthy veggie dish to round out the meal.  Broccoli is always popular
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Best Restaurant- Central Plains Region

by TT August 11th, 2010| Regional Best, Restaurant News
Moving further east from the Rocky Mountain region, Think Tasty now heads to the Central Plains region.  Encompassing Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas, we will share our top ten picks from the many that were submitted.  For the next ten days, readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite place.  Voting will end at 5:00 pm EDT on Friday, August 20th, and the winner will be announced on the following Monday.

1. Bill Gianino's, St. Louis, Missouri

This restaurant is celebrating their 35th anniversary of the best Italian food (and insane
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Newport Gourmet Tour

by TT August 9th, 2010| Restaurant Reviews
Recently, the creators of Newport Gourmet Tour offered to provide me with tickets to attend their Bellevue Tour.  I gratefully accepted and made arrangements to attend on a recent Thursday.  With the tour starting at 2:00 pm in front of the Viking Hotel and lasting for approximately two hours, I was prepared for an afternoon of strolling and nibbling.

Beginning in front of the Viking, the tour's first stop was the banquet facility and restaurant at the hotel.  We viewed the banquet facilities first.  On the day of our tour, we were guided by the chef de cuisine, Kevin
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Pirogue Grille, Bismarck, North Dakota

by TT August 4th, 2010| Regional Best, Restaurant News
Last month, Think Tasty readers had the opportunity to choose the best restaurant in the Rocky Mountain region.  With ten excellent restaurants from which to choose, it was a challenging decision.  Until the last moment, patrons provided their votes and left comments praising their restaurants.  When voting ended, the restaurant that earned the most votes was Pirogue Grille in Bismarck, North Dakota.

I was able to speak with Stuart and Cheryl Tracy, who own Pirogue Grille. This restaurant is almost five years old, having opened on September 20, 2005.  For Stuart, this is another achievement in his
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Eggplant Parmesan Dip

by TT August 2nd, 2010| Appetizers, Recipes, Tapas Monday
About this time of year, many gardens are overflowing with produce.  That isn't a problem we figured we would have this year, as we planted a modest garden of some container plants and a small plot of pepper plants.  However, a couple weeks ago our one patio eggplant ivory plant had about a dozen eggplants ready for picking.

With this much eggplant ready at one time, it became a question of how to serve these yummy vegetables.  As eggplant isn't a vegetable that our four kids are excited to eat and both my husband and I adore it, I decided to
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