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Cheese & Onion Crisps

by TT July 28th, 2009| Appetizers, Recipes, Tapas Monday
Cheese & Onion BitesWhile I thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking, sometimes the simplest of recipes makes the best dish.  Over the past few weeks, I have found that to be true.

Last night, I decided to try a new recipe for baked ricotta.  I was hoping for a flavorful dip that I could serve with lavash chips.  To make this recipe two egg whites needed to be whipped until soft peaks formed.  It seemed silly to use my stand mixer for 2 egg whites, so I whisked them by hand.  While it wasn't tiring, it did require a bit of time, and when I
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Best Brunch in the Northeast?

by TT July 22nd, 2009| Restaurant Reviews
Lazy weekend mornings and brunches are quite a pairing.  While the advantage of staying in pjs as your make your own brunch at home is quite nice, the thought of having numerous food choices and no clean-up can make getting dressed worth the effort.

In an attempt to help those in the Northeast find the best brunch restaurants, I submitted a query to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) seeking recommendations for great brunch restaurants in New England and Upstate New York.  Many, many recommendations were received and reduced to one restaurant per state.  Unfortunately, Rhode Island and Vermont were not represented.

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by TT July 20th, 2009| Recipes, Sandwiches
Gyro 2Recently, my husband and I have had more time to cook together on weekends.  With less travel and fewer kid events due to summer, we have had more opportunities to experiment with new ingredients and recipes.  As we both enjoy cooking, it has been a wonderful way to spend our free time.

After starting a Saturday morning watching food television, we were ready to do some cooking of our own.  Having seen a feature on Greek food, we both were craving lamb and feta.  The simple answer to this craving was to make gyros.  We had lamb in our freezer and
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Tapas Mushrooms

by TT July 17th, 2009| Appetizers, Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Tapas Monday
Marsala Mushrooms 2Although I often refer to my husband's and my late Monday dinners as Tapas Night, not all of our meals consist of tapas dishes.  We have had flatbread pizza, fondue, and salad, just to name a few alternate meals.  However, for a significant portion of these dinners I make an assortment of appetizer dishes.

Although we vary our dinners, tapas is our favorite menu for this dinner.  Eating appetizer-style dishes seems to lend itself to a slower paced meal, which is perfect when only two are dining.  With the items brought to the table in their serving dishes, we
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Asian Slaw

by TT July 15th, 2009| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Salads, Side Dishes
Asian Slaw 2Although I tend to be a planner, sometimes spontaneity can be quite nice.  Late Friday afternoon, we went to the grocery store with no plan for our dinner.  The only plan we had was to peruse our options at the butcher and base our meal around our meat choice.

After talking with the butcher, we decided to do a surf and turf combination of teriyaki steak tips and scallops.  For a side dish, we wanted something that would compliment these items but that wouldn't take long to prepare.  Being summertime and (finally) warm, a salad sort of dish seemed perfect.

I knew
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Pecan French Toast

by TT July 13th, 2009| Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
Breakfast is a popular meal in our house.  Requests vary from savory items, such as cheesy grits or omelets, to sweet items, such as cinnamon rolls and scones.  The amount of time available to make breakfast also helps to determine what will be made.

This past weekend both my husband and I were craving something sweet.  However, I didn't feel like spending lots of time in the kitchen or making a batch of baked goods when only the two of us were home.  And pancakes are made fairly frequently for the kids, so I was seeking something
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Sauteed Rainbow Chard

by TT July 10th, 2009| Healthy Cooking, Recipes, Side Dishes
Our Fourth of July was celebrated in a truly foodie manner.  We spent the afternoon in our kitchen making various food and drink products.  We made infused vodkas (one of which was made with leaves from our lemon verbena plant), two types of homemade sausage patties, chicken salad with a new twist on ingredients, and Braised Prime Rib, which was our dinner.

Having enjoyed some espinaca dip while cooking, we didn't want or need a heavy side dish to accompany our prime rib.  As it was a day of playing in the kitchen, I decided to try cooking with a
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Review: Pangaea, North Bennington, Vermont

by TT July 8th, 2009| Restaurant Reviews, Salads
pangaeaAfter a rainy, work-filled June, my husband and I decided to start July on a relaxing note.  Although technically we started July with a 12-hour workday, we did get to the relaxation part on the second day.  Not sure of weather and plans for the holiday weekend, we made reservations for lodging and dinner for our trip at 1:00 (the day of our trip!) and were traveling west by 2:00.  With reservations at the Eddington House Inn that included a 5-course wine tasting dinner at Pangaea, we were hopeful of having an enjoyable night away.

Conveniently, the Eddington House Inn
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Braised Prime Rib

by TT July 5th, 2009| Healthy Cooking, Main Dishes, Recipes
Slowly cooked meat is a new favorite at our house.  However, not many days lend themselves to hours of prepping and cooking food.  Over the long Fourth of July weekend, a combination of unplanned events lent themselves to a day with nothing to do but shop and cook.  With a day such as this, braised meat was sure to be on our menu.

Making the short trip to our favorite butcher (which honestly is the only decent one within 30 minutes of our home) we were searching for beef shanks.  Having braised lamb shanks recently, we wanted to try our hands
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