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Caramelized Onions

by TT October 29th, 2008| Recipes, Side Dishes
As a child, I would have picked onions out of many dishes.  I wouldn't have wanted them on a salad, in a sandwich, probably not in a soup either.  However, with age I developed a more adventurous palate.  In fact, I still am opening my mind to new foods, but that is a whole different post.

As I developed an appreciation for onions, I began to try them in different forms for a variety of dishes.  I would saute some diced onion and add it to an omelet.  Thinly sliced red onion would top a tossed salad.  Depending on whether I
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Michele’s Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

by TT October 28th, 2008| Recipes, Sandwiches
After a very big dinner at an Italian restaurant on Saturday, neither of us were hungry for breakfast the next morning.  However, as the morning passed, our appetites awakened.  Being a Sunday with not much on our schedule, we decided to do a little grocery shopping in the morning and make sandwiches for lunch.

Typically, a sandwich conjures thoughts of two pieces of bread with a little bit of filling.  Well. . .that isn't quite what we had in mind.  As we didn't go to the grocery store until 11, our feeling of not being hungry was far gone.  And being
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Need a Spoon Apple Salsa

by TT October 22nd, 2008| Appetizers, Healthy Cooking, Recipes
It's fall in New England, so what are you going to do on a blustery weekend afternoon besides go apple picking?  That is exactly what my husband and I did this past Saturday with two of our children.  The apple picking was a little confusing, as the orchard we chose did not mark their rows well, but it was fun nonetheless.

We have many, many apples in our refrigerator now.  One type of apples we wanted were no longer available for picking, so we bought a half peck of those.  Then when we went to the picking location, we learned that
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Breakfasts in Hawaii

by TT October 21st, 2008| Restaurant Reviews

During our honeymoon, my husband and I stayed at three different hotels, each of which included breakfast in our package. Besides getting to enjoy an array of amenities at each hotel, we also got to enjoy a variety of breakfasts.

The first hotel during our trip was the Grand Hyatt in Kauai.

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Dinners in Hana – Part II

by TT October 17th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
After our excellent dinner at the chef's tasting, we decided that even though our restaurant choices were limited, we were certain to have great dinners.  Thankfully, we were correct.

While typically I would detail the meals that we ate when dining at a restaurant, I decided to describe Ka'uiki differently.  The reason for this is that the menu changes frequently to utilize locally grown or raised foods.  For example, if there is no local pork available that day, there won't be a pork dish as an option on the menu.  While this makes it hard to return to the restaurant and
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Dinners in Hana – Part I

by TT October 16th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
Reading our Maui tour guide, I began to realize how remote of a location Hana was.  Reviewing the dining in Hana, our guide listed three restaurants.  And, to add to the lack of choices, they strongly advised skipping one of the restaurants.  Having experienced mediocre dining in Lahaina, I was wondering if we would be pretty hungry during our stay in Hana.

Fortunately, we had the best food of the trip in Hana.  Staying at the Hotel Hana-Maui, we experienced three nights of wonderful dinners and three mornings of delicious breakfasts.

On our first night at the hotel, we saw a Chef's
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Dinners in Lahaina

by TT October 15th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
Let me start this post by confessing that my husband and I are foodies.  However, we also are willing to pay more to receive great food.  So, when we dine at a restaurant, we are looking for flavorful food that is presented well.  Sadly, during our stay on the west side of Maui, we didn't find many exciting restaurants.

Arriving in the late afternoon, we decided to dine at Cascades Restaurant and Sushi Bar within the Hyatt at which we were staying.  While the food was sufficient, it wasn't the superior food that one would expect at a hotel such as
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Review: Longboards, Ka’anapali, HI

by TT October 14th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews

On a Thursday in Hawaii, we decided to start our night a little later and began our walk down the beach path around 7. We had seen a restaurant named Longboards that looked quite appealing the previous day, as it had outdoor seating with beach chairs in the sand and small tables on a terrace.

When we arrived, we were told that it was a 30 minute wait. In no hurry, we agreed and found comfortable chairs in the lounge area. Asking a couple who sat near us if there were waitstaff in this area, they said no.

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Review: Gaylord’s at Kilohana, Lihue, HI

by TT October 7th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews

While staying on Kauai, Gaylord’s came recommended as an excellent restaurant that served Hawaiian fare. It was indicated that this restaurant offered upscale dining. Being foodies in search of excellent local fare, we made a reservation for dinner.

Arriving after dark, it was a little confusing to find both the entrance for

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Review: Keoki’s Paradise, Poipu Beach, HI

by TT October 1st, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
Traveling to Kauai for the first half of our honeymoon, we have enjoyed many meals of fine dining.  Every day has begun with an incredible buffet at the Grand Hyatt, so we have not needed lunch after such an indulgence.  However, today we drove to Waimea Canyon and hiked about 3 1/2 miles, half of which was uphill and steep.

So, after a good workout, we were craving lunch.  Having heard good things about the fish sandwiches at Keoki's Paradise, we stopped there on our return trip to our hotel.  Although almost every restaurant on this island is fairly casual, this
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