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Basic Biscuits: Great For Any Meal

by Lee Ann March 30th, 2008| Recipes
Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy the planning, the preparation, and most of all serving a home cooked meal to my family of five. Over the years I have added a wide variety of recipes to my collection, and we have our favorite dishes. No matter what the entrée may be, there is one accompaniment that my family loves and asks for again and again. Biscuits. There is nothing quite like golden, browned biscuits straight from the oven to serve with a dab of fresh butter, a favorite jelly, or even a little sweet syrup.

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Two-Meat, Two-Bean Chili

by TT March 29th, 2008| Recipes, Soups & Stews
chiliWith an unexpected snow day on Friday, our scheduled events for the evening were cancelled. So, when the snow stopped early in the afternoon, I decided to make a trek to the grocery store.

With all 4 kids at home and a quiet evening on tap, there was no need to make a quick dinner. However, as the roads weren't great for driving until mid-afternoon, a slow-cooking meal also wasn't an option. A request for chili was made, and it seemed like an excellent plan. If we served chili with honey cornbread as a side dish, all 4 kids would eat
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Sweet Santangelo’s

by TT March 24th, 2008| Desserts, Food News
sweet santangeloLast month I attended the Boston Wine Expo. Although I loved trying wines from different vineyards around the world, I loved visiting the food vendors just as much. One vendor of particular note was Sweet Santangelo's, which is located in Woburn, Massachusetts.

As I browsed the food vendors, Sweet Santangelo's made an exceptional impression. Based on sight alone, I needed to sample some of these treats. After trying two pastries I could attest that not only did they have a beautiful display of baked goods, but that these treats made from family recipes were delicious.

The two
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Sunday Brunch

by Louise March 23rd, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
My family enjoys taking the occasional Sunday to enjoy a brunch buffet. There are several factors involved in choosing the ideal brunch: variety, atmosphere, quality, and cost. What makes a brunch worth its cost?

In Nashua, NH, Michael Timothy's Urban Bistro can quickly reduce the weight of your wallet at $21.00 for adults. (Luckily, if you plan to attend with a young family, kids under 12 get in for $9.00.) Also, you won't be able to find every breakfast dish you can imagine. Nevertheless, the two others factors pull their weight. Of all of the brunches I have attended, I feel
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Restaurant Review: The Way We Cook, Manchester, NH

by TK March 19th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
Combining average dishes and helter-skelter service is usually a recipe for disaster.  Unfortunately,  The Way We Cook was just that compilation.

On a Friday night, we (my beautiful fiancee and I) visited The Way We Cook for what was to be a special evening out. The restaurant was recommended, so we had to give it a try. Unfortunately, we were left greatly disappointed.

The establishment is on the north end of Manchester in a part of town that progress has mostly forgotten. They had ample parking in the back of their restaurant so we parked the Mini there
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Restaurant Review: Chen Yang Li, Bedford, NH

by TK March 16th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
The story on most Chinese food is that it is quickly prepared, simply presented, and tastes about the same no matter where you have it. This sounds like a recipe for fast food, and in most cases Chinese food is just a specialized form of that. Only on rare occasions do you run into a Chinese restaurant that takes things and makes them a little more special. Luckily for residents of southern New Hampshire you, have a choice that is a cut above in Chen Yang Li in Bedford.

Last night, my darling bride-to-be and I were
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The Addictive Sugar Cookie

by LJ Dovichi March 11th, 2008| Recipes
I'm well renowned and reviled for my glazed sugar cookies. This is what happens when you invent a great recipe and then have your friends blaming you for the weight they're putting on because they can't put the cookies down. I have several standing orders that when I bake a batch, they expect to get some. So, I make that huge batch every month, cutting them into shapes and decorating them for various holidays or just for the heck of it.

I originally had started experimenting with different recipes, and none of them worked out for us. The recipes included
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The Phoenix Well

by Louise March 8th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
phoenix house and wellI recently enjoyed the experience of eating at The Well, one of the two restaurants that make up the Phoenix House and Well. It is the “downstairs” restaurant, while The Phoenix Room is the “upstairs” restaurant. Of the two, the Room is geared to be a fine dining experience.

After a day of skiing on the slopes of Sunday River, my stomach was rumbling for some substance. I had heard about a special offer available at The Well: all-you-can-eat pasta for just $5. Having never been there before, I was expecting some mediocre pasta. After all, the cost was only
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Grilled Lamb Cobb Salad

by TK March 7th, 2008| Recipes, Salads
shop at home. we deliver. safeway.comFirst of all, it was a crazy, frantic evening. We had errands to run with one child, and another child had to go to a social function. Top all of it off with the fact that my phone just wouldn't stop ringing.

Earlier in the day, I went to the store and picked up the ingredients for the salad and also made the mustard vinaigrette. Doing these steps before the mad rush of afternoon and early evening made the meal do-able.

[yumprint-recipe id='366']

Shop for all of These Ingredients At Home with Safeway
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Friendly Farm

by TT March 6th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
friendly farm

On our path of merging families, there are many introductions to be made. Unfortunately, scheduling can be difficult when all of the adults have children. This past Friday night both location and time allowed everyone to meet for dinner. Seeing that there would be 7 adults and 7 children, a family-style restaurant was the perfect fit. Friendly Farm Restaurant met that need.

Located in Upperco, Maryland, this restaurant looks exactly like its name. Sitting on a large parcel of land, the restaurant is surrounded by a pond and sloping hills.

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Thaiphoon, Palo Alto, California

by TT March 2nd, 2008| Restaurant Reviews

While in California recently, my boyfriend and I decided to have Thai food for dinner. Searching the Internet, we found Thaiphoon, located in Palo Alto.

We arrived at 6:30 on a Sunday night and were seated immediately. We were greeted by our waiter and provided with dinner and drink menus. After perusing the fairly diversified martini list we made our choices. My boyfriend, having chosen his drink more quickly than I, found an appetizer that would please both of us.

Within minutes of placing our drink and appetizer orders, our

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