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You Decide How Hot Sausage Dip

by TT January 21st, 2008| Appetizers, Recipes
shop at home. we deliver. safeway.comAnother weekend of football playoffs and our local team is still in the mix. Reading Tasty Thoughts for the last few weeks, you would think that I am a huge football fan, but that really isn't the draw for me. It is a combination of other elements that I enjoy: the family gathered together, having friends spend an afternoon with us, and cooking with my dear.

So, when our team advanced to the division championship, it was another reason to have a get together, a very casual dinner party. Although we enjoyed the food at the previous week's gathering, it
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Restaurant Review: Silver Spring Mining Company, Bel Air, MD

by TK January 18th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
Often on Tasty Thoughts we review and talk about "fine" dining -- fancy restaurants, exquisitely presented foods accompanied by quenching drinks. But we believe that food and eating is all about serving great tasting food in the right setting. On a trip down to Maryland, we experienced exactly that in the Silver Spring Mining Company in Bel Air, a family restaurant that offers unique menu items at extremely reasonable prices.

Nearly famished, two of my children and I visited Silver Spring Mining Company last week. I had visited before, but this was the first trip for both of my kids. My plan was
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Birthday Raspberry Coffee Cake

by TT January 17th, 2008| Breads, Breakfast Dishes, Recipes
shop at home. we deliver. safeway.comWith busy schedules for everyone, it can be hard to get together after work to celebrate a birthday.  Therefore, a plan was made to meet for breakfast before work.  Living where we do, Mother Nature was not kind to our plans.  Instead of going to breakfast, each of us was snowed into our respective homes.

Time for a plan B to be formed.  Consulting our calendars, we found that two days later we each had time for breakfast.  However, due to childcare commitments, it would need to be a quick celebration.  With that in mind, I suggested that we meet at work,
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Restaurant Review: Michael Timothy’s, Nashua, NH

by TK January 16th, 2008| Restaurant Reviews
One of our usual haunts on our nights out without at least one of our four kids is Michael Timothy's Bistro in downtown Nashua. It is one of those restaurant and jazz bars that have become so popular in all corners of the country. But Michael Timothy's is a cut above the average bistro. The decor, food, drinks, and staff make it one of the best eating establishments in all of New Hampshire and one of the better ones I have visited anywhere.

On a Wednesday evening (the one weeknight that we ever have a chance of being childless), we
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Pastry-wrapped Brie

by TT January 13th, 2008| Appetizers, Recipes
shop at home. we deliver. safeway.comBeing January, football playoffs are in full swing.  Our local team has played well, so we have been anticipating this season.  Playoff games mean inviting friends to our home and making lots of tasty snacks.

Last night was our first playoff game.  To celebrate this exciting event we invited our dearest friends and planned the menu.  We were looking for more than the typical football food of wings and chips.  We also had a lot of different tastes in mind, so we didn't stick to a theme.

To plan our meal we decided that we needed different categories of dishes:  meat, cheese, veggie, wrap.  Knowing we would eat while watching the game, they
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Mom and Dad’s Carrot Cake

by TT January 8th, 2008| Desserts, Recipes
Last January my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary.  All 3 kids came home for the celebration.  Mom and Dad wanted a simple, enjoyable evening for everyone.  So, we headed to my parents' favorite restaurant for an early dinner.  To extend our evening, we returned to our parents' house for dessert and coffee.  Being the family baker, I offered to provide the dessert.  The happy couple chose carrot cake.  (A great choice not only for taste but also for the health benefits of walnuts and carrots in a tasty cake!)

Since then I hadn't had an occasion to make another carrot cake. 
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Just Put It Together Stew

by TK January 2nd, 2008| Recipes, Soups & Stews
shop at home. we deliver. safeway.comThe holidays have ended, and the real world has beckoned. This means getting dinners together for the family. Unfortunately, time is of a premium these days, so the planning, cooking, and shopping for meals are difficult.

In the midst of getting the car fixed and a trip to the bank, I made a quick stop to the local grocery store. As I entered the store, I had no plan of what I was going to make, and just started walking up and down the aisles. After a quick perusal of the meat section and seeing that stew beef was on sale,
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