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New Social Network Launched With Kitchen in Mind

by TT October 30th, 2007| Food News
As a food blog, we are always interested in finding other cooking and food Websites to peruse for kitchen ideas.  We recently found Recipe Key.  This Website can help you find recipes based on the ingredients available in your kitchen, level of cooking difficulty, and time spent creating the dish.  It can also be used as a means of social networking. 

We spoke with staff at Recipe Key to learn more about this Website.

How is Recipe Key going to distinguish itself from other social network sites?
Recipe Key is a social network with a twist.  The Recipe Key website aims to distinguish
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Fruity Cocktail Sauce

by TT October 29th, 2007| Appetizers, Recipes
shop at home. we deliver. safeway.comYesterday was a big sport games day in our household. Between our favored football team's game at 4:00 and the World Series at 8:30, there was going to be a lot of time spent watching tv and eating snacks.

We created a menu that would please all of the eaters. There were homemade pita chips, veggies, and Southwest dip. We had a tray of fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, capicola, and melba rounds. Finally, cocktail shrimp rounded out our menu, as it was easier than cooking shrimp.  Unfortunately, when we did our shopping, we thought we had cocktail sauce at home. To
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Easy Fall Pork

by TT October 27th, 2007| Main Dishes, Recipes
shop at home. we deliver. safeway.comI had planned on going to dinner after a busy afternoon of homework and music lessons for kids. However, as I was getting ready for work that morning I decided that it would be far nicer to come home for a meal. Looking at the options in my freezer and cupboard, I quickly created an easy recipe.

With the chill of fall in the air, using the crockpot was my first choice. I had a package of boneless pork loins that I could defrost in a pinch. Having been to a local farmstand the previous weekend, I had apples and cider.
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CD Earth Releases 10,001 Greatest Food Recipes with Recipe Manager Software

by TT October 25th, 2007| Food News
CD Earth, LLC, (http://www.cdearth.com) is excited to announce the release of 10,001 Greatest Recipes CD with bonus recipe manager software, now available for Windows PC.

Tasty Thoughts recently spoke with a representative of CD Earth about this new collection.

Q: How did you determine the Top 10,001 recipes?

A: We tried to determine what we would like and what we would want to serve at our own tables. We tried to have a wide mix including about a third international recipes so people can experiment with foods they may not normally be exposed to.

Q: How can a user get
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Mom’s Barbecue

by TK October 16th, 2007| Main Dishes, Recipes
The fact is that my mom was never a great cook. Growing up we ate a lot of takeout food and a lot of things that came from a box. As a kid you don't really care about such things, takeout food and things from a box are some of the best kids meals!

But one meal I do remember fondly is my mom's barbecue and on a recent cold fall New Hampshire day, I called my mom to get her recipe. Like I am want to do, I often take a recipe and change it and that is what I
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Honey Cornbread

by TT October 15th, 2007| Breads, Recipes
On chilly days I love to make bread to go with my meal.  If I have a whole day to spend at home I prefer to make a yeast bread.  To me the process and smell of bread-making is both warm and comforting in this sort of weather.  However, last week when I made beef stew, I didn't have the luxury of time.

To accompany the stew I decided to make cornbread.  Cornbread is one of those recipes that I have spent a great deal of time perfecting.  I like a cornbread that is filled with cornmeal and has a crunch. 
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Crazy Hawaiian Pizza

by TT October 10th, 2007| Main Dishes, Recipes
pineappleOn a recent trip to our favorite grocery store, my dinner companion and I decided to check out all the varities of chicken sausage. We noticed an odd flavor sausage: mango chicken sausage. As we were commenting on its uniqueness, a clerk at the store mentioned that it made an excellent Hawaiian pizza. We were intrigued and purchased a package.

After a busy day at work filled with meetings for the grownups and action games for the kids, a simple dinner of homemade pizza was the perfect choice for tonight. We used store-bought pizza
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Rainy Day Beef Stew

by TT October 9th, 2007| Recipes, Soups & Stews
Rainy DayAfter a weekend away, we returned hoping for a sunny Columbus Day. We had visions of hiking, choosing a pumpkin amid the fields, or going to the beach for a walk and cooking lobster. However, we awoke to the sounds of pouring rain, thunder, and lightning. After reading a forecast of continual rain and temperatures in the 60s, our previous plans were canceled.  A new schedule of puzzle games for the girls and shooting games for the boys was created.

After conferring with family members, a dinner of beef stew was decided upon. To meet the tastes of all
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