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Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day!

by TT August 30th, 2007| Desserts, Recipes
My best friend, in an attempt to keep me up to date with current events, sent an email to me a few weeks ago. In this email she let me know that today, August 30th, is Toasted Marshmallow Day. To me, it seems like the perfect day for this holiday. It's the end of summer, the temperature has soared into the upper 80s with lots of humidity, and a cookout with marshmallows is what is needed.

If you choose to celebrate this fine holiday and disregard your care of your dental implants, there are many options. You could go simple
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Best Breakfast Wrap

by TT August 27th, 2007| Breakfast Dishes, Healthy Cooking, Recipes
With the week of vacation ending, a healthy diet is required.   Too many mornings of full breakfasts and too many nights of large dinners have encouraged me to return to my usual healthy eating.

Never having been a person who is able to skip meals, I always eat breakfast.  Sometimes it is simply a bowl of cereal, but quite often I crave something different.  It needs to be something easy to make, filling, and not calorie-laden.  A favorite choice of mine is a breakfast wrap.

I find breakfast wraps to be a perfect breakfast choice.  I can use an assortment of ingredients
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Asian Chicken Salad

by TT August 24th, 2007| Recipes, Salads
My family and I have spent the past week on vacation in the Mid-Atlantic states. We have been to the beach several times and enjoyed the usual beach fare: french fries, ice cream, Italian ice water, caramel corn. Travelling by car with four children, there also have been numerous stops at fast food restaurants for pizza, fried chicken, and more french fries.

The vacation has been a success, except for the weather. Though when you are somewhere between the ages of six and eleven, overcast skies and chilly temperatures don't stop you from jumping in the waves or hotel pool. Of
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Sam’s Chocolate Fondue

by TT August 23rd, 2007| Desserts, Recipes
Fondue is one of my favorite dishes to make.  Of course, if I make a cheese fondue, it's not very popular with the kids.  That is saved for a grown-ups only night.  A bottle of wine, a plate of veggies and bread, there's not much more that we need.

When it's the kids' turn for fondue, I switch to dessert.  How can you go wrong with a pot full of melted chocolate?  It's a favorite with all of the kids, but my nine year old, Sam, is my faithful assistant.  She has always loved to cook with me, no matter what the
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Mary Kate’s Breadsticks

by TT August 10th, 2007| Appetizers, Recipes
Recently, there was a merging of two families, expanding my household from two to four children.  At the initial meeting of the four children, I decided a little cooking might be a good ice breaker for the girls.  Plus, a fun snack in the middle of the afternoon would work for all six of us.

I wanted to make something that would require very little grown-up interference.  I also wanted the recipe to allow for multiple hands assisting in the process.  Breadsticks seemed to be the obvious choice.  Rolling out the dough is shared easily, as it takes a bit of
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A New Twist on Bruschetta

by TT August 9th, 2007| Appetizers, Recipes
On a warm, breezy summer afternoon, I met a handful of colleagues at a friend's house for lunch. The focus of this lunchdate was both social and business.  It was planned to be a relaxing afternoon of gabbing and food served on casual china dinnerware.

Wanting to make entertaining easy for the hostess, several of the guests brought a dish. I offered to bring a bread to accompany the main dish of caesar salad. (As a note to readers, caesar salad is named not for Julius Caesar but for a chef with that first name.) Not certain of the
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Beach Gazpacho

by TT August 2nd, 2007| Recipes, Soups & Stews
With the first real heatwave of the season upon us and having just read an article about cold soups, I felt inspired to try one.  Using one of the recipes that I had read as a base, I made some modifications and created my own version.  Being a no cook soup, all that was required was a few minutes of dicing.

After a busy day with four kids, it was nice to sit down for a dinner that was already prepared.  In fact, I had made the soup the day prior, so it had had 24 hours for the flavors to
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